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vancouver to victoria transportation



What is the best way (fastest for the least amount of $) to get to Victoria from the Vancouver dock? How long does it take? Thanks


The fastest way would be to take either Helijet or Harbour air but this will be more expensive than land and ferry but before i go any further are you wanting just to see Victoria for one day and return the same day or were you planning to spend overnight - too attempt to do it in one day isn't realistic - from downtown Vancouver to downtown Victoria by bus and ferry is about 3 1/2 hours each way and if you don't clear the ship until 10AM doesn't leave you much time - if you are in a larger group you could rent a car/van but the ferries in the summer are very busy and often have one or two sailing waits although it is possible to reserve a spot for $15CDN - the ferry fare is about $40.00 CDN for car and driver and $9.00CDN each passenger each way.

Hope this get you started

Any more questions i will be glad to attempt to answer



There is a direct bus from Vancouver cruise terminal to Victoria.It is around $34 CDN. on Pacific coach lines.It leaves Vancouver Cruiseships at 11 am and arrives in Victoira around 3:30Try to get to bus around 10:30.
Their website is www.pacificcoach.com or 1-800-661-1725


luvtotravel - Thanks for the very helpful tip on Pacific Coach. Sounds like it's just what we're looking for.