Vancouver Transportantion



Staying 1 night in Vancouver upon return from Alaska. With 20 and 14 yr old.

Just learned that we might have to change hotels in Vancouver from downtown location to one that is on the outskirts of the city. (long story)

Will probably be broke after want to do the most for the least $.

Would taxi from the hotel to downtown to see the sights...where is a good location to be dropped off, to walk around and sightsee, then to use transportation to do something else.

How is public transpotration system there?

Also looking for a good inexpensive restaurant along the way for dinner.

Ultimately need to taxi back to the hotel.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Check on line @Vancouver .com good info there.The water front is a good place to go.You may find a hotel on that sight. If you can stay downtown its worth it.The money you`ll spend on cabs. You can walk to waterfront and take a water taxi to Granville Island.A great tour was Grouse Mountain tour. Breathtaking!


City Buses are fine and do the complete lowermainland. Also there is the Sky train system which if you are going to be out of town a bit might be your answer to getting downtown and back. Taxi: drop yourself at Gastown and walk to the North West towards Canada place and then head across to downtown. You can walk easily (If you are into walking) to little water taxi's to take you to Granville Island Sky train get off at Canada Place. Buses either gas town or Grandville Island (and do things in reverse).
Any White Spot restaurant would qualify for dinner for the family and some of the smaller mom/pop ethnic restaurants have great pricing.

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