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Veendam (2/21-2/28) Glitch

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by Anonymous User, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Markandrews

    Markandrews Guest


    The O sailing was a full ship charter. The cruise could not even be purchased from anyone but the operator (RSVP in this case). There were no passengers on board the ship that were not fully aware of the passenger make up. The poster that was offended was sailing on a different HAL ship. I don't think the Veendam captain was hiding anything by not telling his passengers that another HAL ship was hauling gay boys around the carribean.
  2. peaches

    peaches Guest

    Yes, somewhere on this thread the comment about the sales pitch for time shares got ignored. What the heck is HAL doing having an excursion where pax have to put up with that?? Usually you get paid for listening to sales pitches, not the reverse. Could we have mor info, please.
  3. sage

    sage Guest

    I have to agree with Peaches that the time share pitch was most offensive. Were you aware of the sales pitch as part of the excursion, or was this something that was offered in addition to the shore excursion?

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