Veendam and Deluxe Verandah Suite



Yeah, we have booked an Alaskan land tour/cruise for a multi-celebration (birthday and anniversary). It will be our first cruise, so I am naive to many things. It will be in late August/early September time frame. I have pieced together much information from this board and others, but am still unsure of the particulars on the extras that go along with staying in a deluxe suite specifically on the Veendam. For example, I've read where there is a King and Queen's dining room, but I can discern whether this applies to the Veendam or not. What are the extra privileges provided on this ship?

Other general question are:

1. Are there any considerations with this booking during the land portion of this trip?

2. We are planning on taking two large suitcase and one carry-on. The plan is that the carry on would have the things we need for the land portion - however do they make provisions for the baggage that is not needed until you embark the ship?

3. I've read posts where people have had meals in their rooms. How does room service work - extra charge , just a tip, any meal?

4. There is shopping aboard, what type of goods - clothing, alcohol, cigs, gifts? (My guess on this one is 4 yeses).