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Veendam Pacific Northwest

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by Kama, Sep 13, 2002.

  1. Kama

    Kama Guest

    I'm hoping someone could answer a couple of questions I have on this upcoming cruise...
    This was a last minute booking and so we don't receive documents - we have our name on the ship's manifest. Any problems with this I should be aware of?

    As the cruise is only 3 days will all dinners be informal/casual??

    I know tipping is optional but if service is adequate or better I would like to tip - any suggestions for amounts for 3 day cruise?

    Any comments on the Vancovuer/ Seattle/ Victoria/ Vancouver route?
  2. Judi

    Judi Guest


    I can't address the route question, but I can take a stab at the others.

    1) I haven't sailed since 9/11 without documents, but as I understand it, as long as your name is on the ship's Manifest, you'll be okay. BTW, aren't you going to pick them up pierside? That's what we always did in the past.

    2) It's been several years since we did a 3 day cruise, but on both, we had one Formal night.....not as formal as on a longer cruise, but definitely not casual, and a step above informal....again, this was 10 years ago, so I don't know what they're doing nowadays.

    3) As for tipping suggestions, follow the guidelines set by other cruise lines...most of them have a section on their web site that gives guidelines. Remember, tipping is not required but it is very much appreciated.

    We sailed out of Vancouver in May and we fell in love with the city. I'm sure you will, too!
  3. Kama

    Kama Guest

    Thanks Judi - our agent (new to us) told me there wouldn't be time to pick up documents at the pier but that we would be on the ship's manifest?! I'm hoping that's right!

    I agree that Vancouver is a beautiful city - I went to university there(quite some time ago now however)! I particularly enjoyed May but that could be because final exams were over then. I'm very glad you enjoyed ityour visit. Did you make it to Vancouver Island (Victoria, Long Beach etc) while you were here? If not , you'll have to come back and visit us again. This mini-cruise is really just a get away for my husband and myself (ie w/o kids) so the ports weren't really important.
    I was wondering if I should bring any dressier clothes but it sounds like I should - good excuse to buy a new dress I'm thinking.......

    I couldn't find the tipping suggestions on the cruise lines websites but I know I have seen them somewhere. I can't remember what we tipped on the Voyager but I think it was about $10.00 per day for steward and for waiters....
  4. Judi

    Judi Guest


    Celebrity's guidelines are at <http://www.celebritycruises.com/prepare/faq/answer.asp?s=74F49FE99E&sid=73&fid=332>

    Princess' guidelines are at <http://www.princess.com/news/article.jsp?newsArticleId=na475>

    We have always found the staff to go above and beyond the call of duty, and have tipped accordingly.

    A word of caution.....do NOT expect to get any guidelines from the HAL staff. They are forbidden to discuss such!

    Hope this helps!!!
  5. Stargazerm31

    Stargazerm31 Guest

    You will be fine. I have went to the pier and not had documents. As others have said, as long as you have a confirmation number and HAL shows you in their records, you will be fine.

    Have fun.
  6. Sunshine

    Sunshine Guest

    Yes, I have also done this with a last minute booking. Booking number is all you need.
  7. Kama

    Kama Guest

    Thank you for your responses - what a nice board!

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