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Veendam Problems, May 16-30

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by EddysMom, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Aptiva - I'll have to go over to the other board. Thanks for the info. :(
  2. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    I've had e-mails from crew friends on Veendam and the ship is doing great. I have also read some wonderful reports of recent cruisers.

    Hope you have a wonderful time. Veendam is a great ship.
  3. JC

    JC Guest

    Hi Sail7seas,
    Hope you were responding to me e-mail that all is well on the Veendam and all problems are fixed. Do you have any suggestions or advice for me as a first time cruiser. We have an outside cabin midship on the promenade deck - wish we could have afforded a balcony cabin but we chose to do a landtour also and the $$$ only goes so far. We did make reservations for the Pinnacle on the first night out. Hope it lives up to its billing. Thanks again for your reply - it puts my mind at ease - I am so excited about this trip and hope to be a frequent cruiser in the future.

  4. jlparker5

    jlparker5 Guest

    I am considering booking on the Veendam but am real nervous because of these postings. I have sailed twice with HAL before and never had any problems. I will be taking 5 other people who have never sailed and I want this to be a great experience for them. Two of them turn 80 this year and one is in her 70's. If anyone has sailed recently and can update on the problems it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. LUV2Cruz2

    LUV2Cruz2 Guest

    I'm wondering if there's a problem if someone who hasn't posted before, takes a cruise on HAL for the first time and has a problem with it and posts their experience on a message board dedicated to HAL?

    Sometimes things happen and many times the first impression is what sticks in your mind. I don't think people should be chastised for making posts about it...that's what the boards are for. ...the happy and the sad.

    Incidentally, I've read advice from several cruisers and some of them TA's who steer their clients to certain lines even though they've not cruised EVERY ship on EVERY line

    I really don't think it's fair for people who have an undying love for a particular cruise line to put down anyone else who disagrees with them...especially for posting on this board as their first time posting.

    Is someone suggesting that a person has to spend a certain amount of time on the board before they can make a criticism or honest evaluation of their experience...good or bad?
  6. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Post Edited (07-01-04 20:43)
  7. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest


    "I really don't think it's fair for people who have an undying love for a particular cruise line to put down anyone else who disagrees with them...especially for posting on this board as their first time posting."

  8. JC

    JC Guest

    I sailed 6/20 on the Veendam from Seward to Vancouver and thoroughly enjoyed my cruise. I should add I was a first time cruiser (my only other experience a four day mini cruise 23 years ago on NCL which i don't really count) so I don't have anything to compare it to.
    I found most everything to be delightful - the cabin - we had a large outside room on the lower promenade deck - very convienent to getting outside on the deck to walk ( four times around the ship = mile). The steward was wonderful - the cabin much more spacious than I anticipated with plenty of storage - I brought way to many clothes!! The beds were heavenly and the terry robes in the cabin added a nice touch.
    I thought the food was very good - not gourmet (except for the Pinnacle) but very good with many choices. You were able to get extra portions if you wanted to try another entree which we did on occasion. Found the entertainment to be just mediocre but hey this was an Alaskan cruise and we were here for the spectacular scenery so that was not a problem.
    Service throughout was excellent and the crew were friendly and helpful. Fellow passengers were delighted to be there. Found many first time cruisers and Alaska newbies as I was.
    All in all I would most definitely book this ship - the smaller size will appeal to your group. Enjoy. i would go again in a minute !!

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