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Venice 6-14-04

Discussion in 'Europe' started by mrcarlisle, May 14, 2004.

  1. mrcarlisle

    mrcarlisle Guest

    We will be on the Millennium 6-2-04 cruise ending in Venice, does anyone have info on taxi rates to Airport and a good place to stay while in Venice.
    Is it best to book Gondola ride on Celebrity or 9in Venice. Thanks
  2. justqreus

    justqreus Guest

    There are guys offering gondola rides ALL OVER the place. They sit on bridges and chant "gondolagondolagondola"...etc.forever ) I wouldn't dream of paying the cruise line to book this for you!
  3. ncara

    ncara Guest

    Hotel Accadamia is lovely.
  4. pal

    pal Guest

    We stayed at the Hotel Georgio and it was so charming on a very quiet street. You will have a nice time. Away from San Marco square, but nothing there is far to walk. OR take a vaperetto
  5. mrcarlisle

    mrcarlisle Guest

    Thank for the info, especially the Gondola rides. Celebrity wants $95 for 2 hr. ride
  6. justqreus

    justqreus Guest

    Hotel La Fontana near San Zacharia is a good buy. Ask for the room with the view of the church! Only drawback is there's no elevator and you might not want to climb two flights (only!) with luggage. We didn't mind as we were traveling light. They speak English at the front desk.

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