Venice to Barcelona



We are cruising next May & plan to spend a few days pre cruise in Venice. Any suggestions for need to see things here or in the near vicinity? Any hotel recommendations? What about transfer to the ship without getting one from the cruiseline. Any tour company that is great to book though for excursions in & around Venice?
We are just starting to think about what to do while on this cruise & figure we may as well start with the beginning & build out from there.
If anyone has done this itinerary on the Millenium & have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.


My husband and I are planning the same itinerary for July. I'm only now starting to price cruises. (Had to finish planning our Alaskan one first!) Can I ask you how much the average would be? We were looking at Princess, but any other line is fine with us.



Price really depends on accomodations more than anything. Most of the cruises are between 1,500. & can go as high as 25, 000. with limited variations between cruise lines. Good luck researching!!!!


Linda & Jim,

We did this itinerary on the Millennium (may be slightly different as ours was the odd 13-nighter and stopped additionally at Corfu)...

Read my in-depth review here:

For Venice, I REALLY recommend buying a copy of the AAA Spiral Guide - Venice and doing it on your own...

I always stay near the RR Station/Piazza Roma (try the Carlton, the Capri or the Sofitel) for the convenience--once in Venice, you can really get anywhere easily on foot or by Vaporetti (public bus-boat)...

Must sees in Venice:
Doge's Palace at Piazza San Marco
Synagogues Tour at the Museo Ebraico in the Ghetto
Street Market area around the Rialto Bridge

Don't Bother: Any "Free Tour" to Glass Blowing Factories on fact, you will rue the day you ever got talked into doing's a high pressure, hard sell game...and the tour is 2% demonstration and 98% showroom...and the showroom is configured so you cannot leave...or even find an exit...

Most important thing about visiting Venice, though, is just kicking back and enjoying the city itself...strolling the narrow walkways and bridges, eating in an outdoor cafe, shopping, enjoying a gelato...wander and relax...


Thanks Bruin Steve for all the information. We are staying at the Sofitel so glad to hear it is easy access. We are going 2 days early also. Your review was perfect. We won't get roped into going on any free trips to Murano. May do some of the excursions you thought were great and certainly skip the ones that were a waste of time. Can't wait for next May to get here. It sure will be fun planning our activities.