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Venice tourist card?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by msfishertx, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. msfishertx

    msfishertx Guest

    We will be on the Mille on 6-14, but are going to go to Venice early. I just found out about the Venice Tourist Card that allows you to do musems, city transport, loos and so on. Does anyone know if you can get these cards at the airport? Or where?.

    The website requires 48 hours to buy one and we leave tommorow! Please help!

  2. MikeMary945

    MikeMary945 Guest

    You can order them online at http://www.venicecard.com/default_eng.jsp. You then pick them up at the Vela desk in the Venice airport. Failing that, I'm sure you can just go to the Vela desk to make your purchase. We ordered a 3-day card online for our arrival on July 7th.
  3. wwinfl91

    wwinfl91 Guest

    We reserved ahead of time via the Internet Venice cards for our stay in Venice after our cruise on the Golden last year. We purchased the Orange version which included entry costs into several of the attractions around St Marks square in addition to waterbus transportation. We never used the pay toilets which we supposingly could have as part of the cost of the card.

    The Venice for Vistors site has some good info on the card at the following URL


    And here is the Venice card official site


    If we were doing it again we probably would just get the pass for the waterbuses from the ACTV and pay for our own museums.

    We also expected when we picked up the Venice passes at the Piazzo Roma that we would be able to pay for them with a credit card. That was not the case. Luckily we had enough euros between the two of us to pay for the cards but I swear I got an email from the Venice card people saying we could pay by credit card when we picked up the cards.

    We had a great time in Venice and want to go back someday. Hopefully you will too.

    Have a great next cruise.

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