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Veranda for Alaska?



I'm looking at either Infinity or Mercury in early July. I'd planned to get a veranda, but have learned it might be too cold to enjoy it. Is this true?

Also, the ocean view cabins without veranda don't seem appealing - not in a good location or small. Opinions? Thanks.


We had a 1B on Infinity in September 2001 [yes 9/11 happened right in the middle of it] It was the best thing we ever did. July should be warmer than September and we sure weren't cold. We kept video camera, regular camera and binoculars right by the sliding door, to watch for wildlife, Awesome! If you can afford the cabin don't hesitate.


One can never guess the weather in Alaska. We went the 3rd week of September and were glad we did not get a balcony due to the cold and rain, also remember Alaska is the place of the Midnight Sun, so you may want a room where you don't get a whole lot of light seeping in. Rent the movie Insomnia and you will see what I mean. You can always enjoy the views from any of the public rooms. On the other hand, we have had balcony rooms in the Carribean and loved them.


Hubby and I did a 14 day land and cruise thingie. It was totally Awsesome. We got a inside. What I have read is once you go with a balcony you'll never go back. If I had any idea that Alaska was going to be so WONDERFUL would have opt for the balcony and forgotten the land part. Enjoy your cruise. LIfetime memories. You are going to love it. Kat

Bob from PA

Whether inside, outside or outside w/veranda, Mercury cabins (below suites) are all the same size except for the veranda itself.

In July, I would take the veranda if affordable.

Bon voyage!


Go for the balcony. Everybody that has an ocean view or inside cabin will be on deck. You get a much better vantage point from your own balcony. You won’t be subjected to the ‘crush’ on deck.


Have done Alaska twice - boths with balconies. Wouldn't do it any other way. Especially on glacier days - no fighting at the rail with all the inside denizens.