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Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by Ken_2001, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    Or, for a different experience, you can try Regal Empress... She's never been a big fancy liner like the others, but she retains some wonderful elements and is, sadly, just about the only 50s/60s liner we have left in the US.

    She's doing two-night cruises out of Ft. Lauderdale, but I wouldn't fly down just for that. I would consider tacking it on to another cruise, though.

    I still miss SS Norway... and still hoping she'll be turned into an ocean liner museum. (Perhaps home to some French Line artifacts?) I do think she belongs in the US rather than being returned to France.
  2. Stephen

    Stephen Guest

    I flew down just for that Lisa :) I didn't get the chance to sail on the S/S Norway either so Regal was my chance to try an older ship. Speaking of that.....I haven't written my review yet. So since it's long weekend up here in Canada I have time and I'll do it now! Going to the review page!

  3. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Stephan...I myself are very much looking forward to your review.

  4. George C

    George C Guest

    The Norway was a great ship, I had 7 cruises on it starting about 1985 and the last was about 1995, I should have booked it one more time, alot of great memories,
  5. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    George, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the changes in the ship between your 1985 and 1995 cruises. How different did you find the cruise experience to be?
  6. marclaw

    marclaw Guest

    I saw on another board that Lloyd Wreft is stopping the discount i berthing fees given NCL for the Norway. The new fee will make it too costly for NCL/Star to just let her continue to sit. Expect action soon.
  7. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    I just saw that too, Marc. Thanks for posting. Let's keep good thoughts for our favorite ship.

  8. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Marc or Lisa.. where can I get the latest updates on SS Norway? I've just checked the Lloyd Werft site, maybe I'm not looking at the right area, but where I clicked I couldn't find anything.

  9. marclaw

    marclaw Guest

    The post I saw was on the NCL Board on the Cruisecritic site
  10. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    I'm headed over there now Marc. Thx!!
  11. amunhotep

    amunhotep Guest

    The Norway is up for sale, reported at $25 Million. Please see the following site, and click on Norwegian & Orient link on the left column.


    It is very sad, but a matter of financial logistics. In the age of the MEGA ships it no longer is economical to keep pouring money into an aging vessel.

    My family and I were on board the infamous "Voyage to Nowhere" when the Coast Guard would not let the Norway sail due to leaking fire supression water lines. The negative publicity, cost of returning passenger's money and paying for airfare home, the great expense of flying in specialized pipe welders from Poland spelled the beginning of the end for the Grande Dame. The boiler explosion simply sealed her fate.

    I am glad we were able to sail her the following year, and to experience the "golden age" of cruise sailing as we strolled her magnificent decks, and walked her fabulous parlors.

    She will be greatly missed.
  12. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Thanx for sharing the memories! I tried to follow the link and I couldn't find anything more than the "Pride of Aloha" Has it been removed?

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