Vi9ctoria Clipper vs. Princess dock



After our Diamond Princess alaska cruise (RT Seattle) ends, we are going to take the Victoria Clipper over to Victoria and stay a week in a cottage. Then, we are coming back to Seattle, on Victoria Clipper, spend the night and fly home the next day.

I was told that Princess docs at pier 66 and Victoria Clipper docs at pier 69. I was also told by a representative at Victoria Clipper that the Edgewater hotel AND the Marriott are right there, walking distance from the pier.

It seems from reading some of the posts that there are no hotels near the Princess pier, except Edgewater and it seemed to suggest it was not really near (because one post strongly suggested that there are NO hotels near the piers).

Can someone shed some light on the distances. I realize when someone says "walking distance," it may be a different perception. I'm all for walking but we have to remember that we will have two weeks worth of luggage in tow.




Are you sure Princess docks at this pier? I heard it is futher downtown (30 or something). You may want to recheck.

If you are correct, then yes it is within walking distance...but l don't know how it would be with luggage. You may want to hail a cab. If it is at the other pier, then you will definately need a cab.

You will have fun in Victoria..l live directly across from this lovely city and never tire of going there!!!


I thought I read something about terminal 30 myself. But this fellow from the Victoria Clipper said he walks down there every day to the deli. It is possible that he may have Princess's termainl confused with another one though. Thirty does ring a bell!




Last cruise season, the Princess ships docked at Pier 30.; south of downtown, no hotels within walking distance. The other cruise ship pier location is Pier 66, Edgewater Hotel is between Pier 66 and the Victoria Clipper at Pier 69 . Marriott very close by. I haven't heard which ships are docking at which piers in 2004.



I posted this info on It includes a link listing ships and where they depart from.

posted 01-06-04 01:08 PM
A lot of people have asked where the various cruise ships leave from Seattle, and some wrong information has been put up on this board.

Here is a link that lists all cruise ships and their departure points.

If you click on the "Map of Cruise Terminals" you will get a sense where these are located in seattle. For the Pier 66 people, that is right next to the Edgewater hotel (very pricey hotel in Seattle, but beautiful).

Keep in mind when you look at the map, there is a VERY LARGE HILL from Alaskan Way where the Pier 66 is and the 1st avenue. Pike's place market is located on this hill.

Hope this helps a lot of you with questions. For anyone leaving from pier 66, the only way to avoid a taxi ride or shuttle from hotel is to stay at Edgewater or Waterfront Marriott. However, this is very expensive so it is much more economical to stay at other hotels and take cabs or shuttles.


Having looked at the map that is supplied I agree with jennie99352 about the HILL and would like to point out that one shud consider the scale of the map before you go dragging your bodies and suitcases around. The waterfront is a great place to walk and I certainly would recomend that it be done but save yourself for a handsfree relaxing walk. Thoses distances and getting up to Town and Pikes market are not for dragging luggage about..