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Victory 02/02/03 Anyone coming with us? Looking for Miami hotel advice



Hello all!
Anyone else on the Victory 02/02/03.
We are looking forward to our cruise.
Also I'm looking for some hotel suggestions in Miami.
Under $100 clean on the beach with a pool.
I've been to the travel sites- expedia, travelocity, orbitz, travelzoo, etc. - I'm just looking for some tried and true places. We're not too fancy we like to have fun and stay somewhere clean. Miami Beach near or at South Beach/pier.

Connie Cebee

Congrats on your upcoming cruise. You can try calling the hotels and get quotes.
We called the Intercontinental and got a price of $99 this past Aug. It is right by the pier and bay side market place.

My sisters stayed at the Best Western by the pier and Bayside Market for $69 a night and said it was very nice.