Vietnamese recipe - Braise pork with eggs

This is a traditional food of Vietnamese, as another kind of braised vietnamsese food from the poor life. The braise food could keep in a long time and save food!

Especial in the North of Vietnam in cold winter. It's so great if you have this food, it's fat and the braised water can pure on white rice. I still remember the taste of this food when i was a child, my mom cooked for me and i only want the eggs and braise water.

You can cook it for your family, easily! :boogie:


  • 1 kg Bellies ( the lean not delicious )
  • 220 gram sugar
  • 2 lit water
  • 125 ml fish sauce
  • 75 gram pure sugar
  • 5 dried onion
  • 1 table spoon of salt
  • 2 table spoon peppercorn powder
  • Some pepper

  1. Prepare: boil egg ( quail egg is recommended ) and bellies should be cut to small square pieces 2 cm x 4 cm.
  2. Put 220 gram sugar and 2 spoons of water in big pan and heat until the water look light brown, watch out you can make fired sugar. Put bellies and boil, stir, put more water and boil again, notice: remove the foam on surface ( it's make your food has bad smell).
  3. Low heat , add fish sauce, salt and chopped onion ( thịt không hành như canh không mắm ) and peppercorn powder. Keep heat for 45 minutes and pay attention on water level ( should be lower than 1 cm with pork level ).
  4. Put the eggs and heat more for 30 minutes, if dry you could pour more water anh keep the level, at last 5 minutes, add pepper. Taste if the bellies is soft and fat. you are success!
How to enjoy:

Braise pork with eggs must have brown color with both pork and egg, the lean have to be not tough and fat and braised water is very delicious!