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Vigo Spain for Santiago de Compostela

Discussion in 'Europe' started by sandydownunder, May 13, 2003.

  1. Anyone stopped in Vigo on a cruise? We'd like to take a private tour to Santiago de Compostela. Any taxis available at the dock? Anyone done this? Thanks
  2. BarbInMich

    BarbInMich Guest

    We stopped at Vigo on our recent Regal Princess cruise. Some of our tablemates took a taxi over to Santiago de Compostela. They got it at the dock (you're essentially right downtown). We were only in port for 5 hrs and he drove like a madman to get them there and back in time, but they thought it was well worth it.
  3. Gitte

    Gitte Guest

    I was in Vigo last year. We made a private tour to Portugal and Bayonne. I was very nice.
    There are taxis at the pier. You can also take a train to Santiago.

  4. Thanks for the reply Gitte. We have worked out that the train does not give us enough time so it will have to be a taxi. Any idea of costs?
  5. Ruthith

    Ruthith Guest

    I actually did this by train last summer. We are fast walkers, and we actually managed to walk to the train station, grab the train to Santiago, walk to the church (we were probably there for 2 hours), grab the train back and stop in Pontevedra for a couple of hours too. My memory is we were back on board by about 5? Check the train schedules online to see if it would make sense for you.

    While Santiago was impressive, I have to say I enjoyed wandering around sleepy Pontevedra just as much...
  6. Thanks Ruthith. Ideas for Pontevedra sound good too.
  7. McGill

    McGill Guest

    I will be in Vigo September too, and want to do the same. My research indicates the Castomil autobuses are more frequent. The bus station is a bit further away, but my estimate is that I can do both Santiago and Pontevedra in about ten hours, and definitely Santiago can be done independently by train or bus in a day.
  8. felix

    felix Guest

    Hi all!

    I'm a cruise addict from Vigo, so, i can help you.

    Let's see: Santiago de Compostela is 86Kms away from Vigo, this mean 45 minutes on the highway plus 5 min. to left Vigo and 10 minutes to arrive cathedral and old city.

    Prices for taxi in Vigo is as follows:
    Flag down (start): 2,23€
    Km: 0,6€
    This mean 2,23+(0,6*86)=53,83 on the go and 53.83 on the back.

    But, you must add highway toll, 6,06 euros * 2 = 12,12

    Then, grand total: 131.9

    Probably, there are suplements in the taxi prices to go outside the city, and perhaps, the price per kilometer vary. I'm not sure.

    Pontevedra is 28 kms away from Vigo, but, sincerily, i don't recomend it... Bayona is more beauty, or Vigo! of course. Please, check www.vigoenfotos.com to see complete photo album from vigo.

    I hope i helped and sorry about my english!
  9. Petert

    Petert Guest

    Hi Felix,

    Enjoyed your comments about Vigo, and your English was more than adequate. Looked up your home page and the fotos you referenced, and they were all great, especially the one of the cruise ship centered in the rainbow. Vigo appears to be a very interesting city, and we plan to spend our time there just enjoying the city. Thanks for the helpful information.


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