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What exactly does VIP staus get you onboard a Carnival Ship besides preferential boarding and debarkation?


Irish Girl

Well, if you are a platinum guest, you get:

Platinum cardholders are entitled to the following shipboard benefits and features:

* Petit fours and/or canapés delivered to cabin one evening

* Personalized stationery

* A special Carnival logo item

* Guaranteed dining times and supper club reservations

* Complimentary $20 entry fee into blackjack tournament

* Spa Carnival priority reservations and complimentary treatment upgrade

* Complimentary wash and fold laundry service

* Priority tender boarding

* Priority embarkation and debarkation

Additionally, a fully staffed concierge desk for Platinum cardholders has been established at the purser’s information desk aboard every Carnival ship. A dedicated phone line is available fleetwide, as well.

Special luggage tags indicating guests are “Carnival Concierge Club†members are included in guests’ cruise documents. “Carnival Concierge Club†members also receive a special Welcome Aboard letter from Carnival President and CEO Bob Dickinson detailing the exclusive amenities and privileges available during their cruise.


VIP stands for Vacation Interchange Privileges. It's Carnival's way of getting you to try out all of its cruise lines like Carnival, Princess, HAL, and so on, after you have sailed on one of them. Its really just a glorified title, rarely you will find cheaper prices for being a VIP, but thats all you get.


The Only other time I've heard VIP mentioned is in reference to the Carnival Vacation Club...being their VIP gets you priority embarkation and debarkation plus a special place for your luggage when you disembark.


Just received our docs today and the front says " Proceed to Carnivals VIP check-in upon your arrival" we are not yet at the 10 cruise level but we are booked into a cat 12. That has been on our docs before so i am not expecting anything more than wait here.


[quote randk]Just received our docs today and the front says " Proceed to Carnivals VIP check-in upon your arrival" we are not yet at the 10 cruise level but we are booked into a cat 12. That has been on our docs before so i am not expecting anything more than wait here.[/quote]

My experience with VIP boarding has been that you really do get special attention including being escorted onto the ship ahead of everyone else; Everywhere EXCEPT Fort Lauderdale! In FLL all you get is a separate checkin line that moves as slow, or slower than the other lines; then you will be herded into a holding area along with everyone else. It was thus when we boarded the Liberty last November, and I just read a review written by someone who cruised last week and nothing has changed.


When we cruised out of Ft Lauderdale this past Feb on the Legend there was a seperate VIP area and they did get on the ship first.....


That is the same thing that happened to us at ft Lauderdale 2 times. Asked for the skippers club and were told it is right here. same line as everyone else. It really doesn't matter, but if you are going to advertise and tell people they get a little extra, why can't they deliver on it or keep quite about it? I have written Carnival and called twice,no answer. Oh well I will keep sailing on Carnival but not get my hopes up for anything extra than what I already know I will get. New Orleans had the best Skipper club going, I hope in Oct it is the same as it was pre Katrina. Happy sailing.


We were category 12 on our last cruise. It was no help in the long lines at the airport to board the transport to the ship...however, once in Miami we were taken to a room where they checked us in while we sat in comfortable chairs and sipped our Diet Cokes. Then, they took us past everyone and directly to the photographer (last stop before boarding) and then we were on board - total time about 7 minutes. (Previous cruise we were in line for 90 minutes!)


[quote randk]thats great. But I am willing to bet you a coke that will not happen in Ft Lauderdale.[/quote]

Randy, I'm with you on this one! I see you are sailing on the 4/28; we will be back by then and I'll definitely have something to say about my experience.


Each port is different. Some are obviously better than others, but we have never had a problem.

VIP status is given to 3 people:
1. Platinum members = 10 cruises are more. Yes, all cruises count (even cruises to nowhere) and the perks (listed by someone above) start ON your 10th cruise.

2. CVC members - even though now all the Carnival Vacation Club offices on the 6 ships that had them are closed and they are not selling any more packages, the current members will still get VIP Check In and Debarkation until their contract time is up (3 - 5 years). They don't get all the perks of Platinum folks. (no free wash and fold for instance) Remember, that you get this perk regardless of whether you use points for your cruise or pay cash through a Carnival PVP or TA. Just call the CVC number to let them know when you have a cruise booked. FYI, for those who are not up on CVC - it was a minimum of $1,000 skimmed off the $3,500.00 package you had to buy to get this perk.

3. Book a Cat 11 or 12 cabin - which means you get VIP Check In only. No other perks. VIP Check In basically replaced the "Skippers Club".