VIrgin cruiser here...



I am so happy to find you guys! I have NO idea what to expect on our cruise, so I am hoping you all can guide me!
My hubby, 2 sons (ages 1 and 4) and Ii will be taking the Horizon to Cozumel, Cayman, Costa Maya and Key West on Nov. 12. Can anyone give me advice on what to do in these ports? I have LOTS of questions! :eek:)
I was considering:
*Stingray City(independent tour-do you know a good one?)
and the
*Turtle Farm (can we get to this by taxi? How far is it from the port?)
*Can we do both of these ina day?

Cozumel-Paradise Beach all day-is there any good shopping there for souvenir stuff?

Costa Maya- the littl fishing village(I forget what it's called-Marajual, or something?)
*I have heard a few people mentio donating school supplies to a school there-can anyone tell me more about this???

Key West-what is docking like there-can you get on and off fairly quickly? I have styed there a few times, so I am comfortable doing my own thing there...

THANKS so much for all you help!!!!


Welcome and congrats on your first cruise.

I can help with 2 ports. Key West-depending on where you're docked, if your in town you can walk around without any problem. Sometimes they use the old naval dock if they do they used to provide transportation into downtown.

Cozumel- Paradise Beach is perfect. $12.00 cab ride each direction. Great place for kids. Get the nachos they are amazing! All the water toys are free. I do believe there was a cost to rent a life jacket for the little ones so you may want to bring your own or some arm floaties. We went in June and loved it. A nice restful day. The owner usually walks the beach to see if everyone is enjoying themselves. They do ask that you purchase food and drink to help with the costs and keep their beach free. I have a few pictures here in the photo gallery under Sailingrose's Mariner. No vendors that sell the usual junk but there is shopping right at the pier so you can alot time for that. Enjoy!


In Grand Cayman, try the Nautilus Semi-Sub. It is very interesting, lots of ship wrecks, coral reefs, and fish, sealife. Your 4 year old would love it!