Virgin Gorda Baths, Totola



On an upcoming cruise I was thinking about checking out the Virgin Gorda Baths, Tortola. I would like to hear from anyone who has been there and hear about their experience.


We just came back from NCL's trip to Tortola. We did the excursion that took you to the baths. This is an incredible sight NOT to be missed. It's been on the cover of MANY travel magazines. They have an NCL rep. who guides you through the baths but you can slowly fan off without them noticing you. You can buy an underwater disposable camera on-board or get one at your local cvs before you go at a better $ I amagine. 12 dollars at cvs. BRING the camera! TRUST ME!! If you own a snorkle,..bring it as NCL gives you the ones with an open hole and then you get water in it every time you breathe.(they stink)
You get roughly 45 mins. to an hour to snokle and you get back to the ship in time for a quick whirl around town (tortola) to shop so don't worry you will not have anytime to shop. Go past that stupid flea market they have as it is all the same stuff at every table and it is all over priced. Go into town where you can get unique things at better prices.
NOTE: Some passengers also liked the ATV tour as well, but for us we didn't feel one bit like we made a mistake.


There are 2 tours offered by NCL - one called Baths Swim & Snorkel - is a swim in excursion, you must be able to swim the 50 to 100 yds into the beach. The other is a bus tour, be careful ordering.

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We did a snorkel excursion to the Baths a few years back on a Carnival Ship. We loved it. Very small Island, no crowds. They have a Pussers British Pub near the ship. Fun place to stop in and have a drink. Their Speciality is the "Painkiller"
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There are few sites that can compare with Virgin Gorda and the baths are as good as they come. After spending a few hours enjoying the island head back to Tortolla and have a drink at Pussers. I don't particularly care for the lack of friendliness in either place, but the scenery is outstanding. NMnita