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Void in Celebrity itineraries?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by lysolqn, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. lysolqn

    lysolqn Guest

    With Century now scheduled to sail European itineraries this spring/summer, and Horizon being axed from the X fleet after its 2005 Caribbean run, maybe the time has come for Celebrity to consider expanding its fleet. As a loyal X passenger, I now see two problems with X's current itineraries - 1) no year-round Caribbean sailings and 2) few, if any, longer Caribbean itineraries (10,11,12 nights) on Century-class and M-class ships.
    Clearly, new builds take time and cost money, but perhaps RCI will consider "stealing" a ship from the ever-growing Royal Caribbean fleet and re-flagging it as a Celebrity vessel in order to fill the void.
  2. wayneair

    wayneair Guest

    I agree. You never want to be in the position where a number of folks are in the market place to purchase your product, but you have nothing to sell. What do you do? Move to the competition. Holland America does offer what you are saying. I love X, but I am already looking at HAL for the same reason.
  3. viet630

    viet630 Guest

    I hope that X has something up thier sleeves so to speak.We LOVE THE CENTURY and will miss having her here year round.I really don't want to go to HAL, but if that is the only option I geuss we will have to do what we have to do.Lets keep our fingers crossed, as far as the Horizon is concerened , I say good ridance,that ship is disgusting.
  4. Personally I'm Carribbean'ed out. Been there. Done that. Too many times. I would love to see Celebrity come up with more interesting itineraries than the usual: Paciifc (not Hawaii), and Asia are examples.

    viet630: I hardly disagree with your assessment of the Horizon. We were on her last October on a 8-day Bermuda cruise from Norfolk. Though the decor of the cabins could've been nicer, the overall ship was in great condition. This was our 2nd time on Horizon, and have been on the Zenith 3 times. Overall we've cruise Celebrity 11 times, and have cruise #12 and #13 booked.
  5. bluenosers

    bluenosers Guest

    I have to agree also that Celebrity is limiting the choices for the caribbean especially on the longer sailings. The Summit is to move to the West Coast for the 2006 season, leaving us to look at other choices as well. We enjoy our cruises with Celebrity but the winters are too long here to jump on any sailing just to be loyal. It is our vacation and the longer cruises are harder to find.
  6. rothrob

    rothrob Guest

    I'll be sailing on Celebrity for the first time this January (the Constellation out of Puerto Rico) and am very much looking forward to it. I did want to chime it, though, and say that HAL offers wonderful cruise experiences as well. I've sailed with them several times and have never been dissappointed. Part of the reason for sailing Celebrity this time 'round is that for me, cruising is all about the variety of experiences one can have, including the variety of ships available. A little adventure never hurts, right? At least Celebrity offers sailings out of San Juan, unlike HAL.
  7. wayneair

    wayneair Guest

    Hey Rothrob: I just returned from the Constellation out of PR and it was excellent. Not much to do in DR so you may want to consider an excursion. Also, book your spot at the Oceanliners soon after borading. It's an excellent dining option. Boarding in PR is easy and fast. They were letting people on as early as 12:30pm. Enjoy.
  8. rothrob

    rothrob Guest

    Thanks for the info, Scott. We'll be on the 6-night sailing and won't be stopping in either the Dominican Republic or Grenada. We will be stopping in St. Maarten, though, which should be nice. By the way, how was the weather?

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