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Volendam Cabin Catagory Questions

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by debbiedo, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. debbiedo

    debbiedo Guest

    We are considering the Volendam for the Dec 3 Southern Caribbean and would like the advice of previous Volendam cruisers as to the best location for a "mini suite". I would also appreciate any information you can provide on that catagory of cabin (oddly enough, I haven't found many photos or reviews written by occupants of this catagory).
    We have cruised on the Maasdam and Zuiderdam both times in an "S" catagory cabin (we loved the space and ammenities).

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  2. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    I have cruised the Volendam a number of times, always in a S cabin. I have some friends who take a mini-suite though. If it was me, I would look for something on the Navigation deck, same deck as the S suites as close to mid ships as possible. If I remember correctly, the Mini's are just a little over half the size of the S suites. Anything over 7 days, I would want the space in the S suite...JMHO. I think the deck below Navigation is all Mini's if I remember correctly. I think these are the B minis..
  3. debbiedo

    debbiedo Guest

    Bruce - I would love to stay in an "S" suite again but I'm finding that both DH and I can both go in a mini for the price of one passenger in an "S", so I'd rather go on our first 10 night cruise in a mini than stay at home (I'm sure you understand).
    Do you know if the mini suites can order a full hot breakfast from room service?

    I'm sure I will have plenty more questions as time wanes on - Dec 06 is a long time away!!!

    Thank you for your response.
  4. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    You can order the same thing as you get in an S. There are some ammenities only available to the S suites, but as far as room service there is no difference. I am not certain about appitizers pre dinner, I will have to check on that. Any questions fire away. Hopefully, you will have Captain Charly, of course you may wind up going somewhere other than advertised...laughing...depends on what strikes his mood....
  5. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    We were recently in a cat. A on Navigation Deck and there were 3 of us; plenty of room, balcony is about 60 sq ft. We are booked in a cat S for next November 'cause I got a great early booking discount. As a rule, I find that I can book two cruises in a mini suite for the price of one in an S. Making that choice is really tough at times. Just know that we had a great time in the mini suite; so go for it!
  6. debbiedo

    debbiedo Guest

    Cruzman, I think we may go ahead and book the mini. There is only the two of us and we spend a good amount of time in our cabin and on the verandah but the price for one of us in the "S" is the price I'd pay for both of us in a mini - with this being our first 10 night cruise it seems like a great deal to us. I just wish it weren't so far off!!!!!!
    I will miss all those "S" suite perks however - those made for the ultimate vacation!
    I'd love to go to Alaska but DH has no interest soooooooo, guess who isn't going to Alaska - ME!!

    Thank you for your response - Have a terrific time in November in that "S" suite.
  7. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Debbie, If you like midships, I would suggest the Cat. B on Verandah Deck. The A's are aft on Navigation Deck (nothing wrong with that), but some people prefer to be midships. The cabins are the same.
  8. debbiedo

    debbiedo Guest

    Just booked a Cat B Mini Suite at a terrific price and we are thrilled to be going on the Volendam Dec 3!!!

    Now it's time to start researching some of the ports - I must admit that part of the thrill of the cruise is in getting a great deal and doing the background work into making it the best cruise ever!

    Thank you for helping me with my decision and know that I will be asking more questions :).
  9. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Congratulations on your booking, Debbie. You chose an outstanding ship!
  10. You are going to love the Volendam. Have sailed on her - great ship.
  11. debbiedo

    debbiedo Guest

    I would enjoy and appreciate any secrets you can share regarding this ship and it's amenities (favorite spot to enjoy the morning, pulling into port, best area of the dining room to have a table, etc).

    I cannot tell you how excited I am to have this cruise to look forward to.

    Thanks Everyone!!
  12. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    The Crow's Nest forward is always an excellent vantage point for viewing if you don't want to be out on deck. As for the dining room, I prefer the upper level - not necessarily because of the dining time but because you have a clear path forward without having to go up a deck to get to the rest of the public rooms such as the Frans Hals show lounge. After dinner, I've always enjoyed the Explorer's Lounge for light classical music. But you've also got your choices of the show lounge offerings, the Piano Bar, the Ocean Bar for dancing, the Crow's Nest for late night DJ/disco...and, the Casino.

  13. debbiedo

    debbiedo Guest

    I will enjoy every moment aboard this lovely ship - Thank You!
  14. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    We'll look forward to your comments, Debbie. I hope you'll love Volendam as much as I do.
  15. We love the Crow's Nest to be able to sit and have a cocktail there before going to dinner and watch the ocean - and don't forget the appetizers.

    Ocean Bar is also great if you can get a table by the window.

    We prefer the upper level of the dining room - by the rail - table for 2.

    And the Explorer's Lounge is great after dinner for cocktails and extra choclate.

    Try the new Explorations Cafe.

    If you love sing-alongs, some times there is a great gal or man in the piano bar.
  16. debbiedo

    debbiedo Guest

    I just got some interesting deals in an email.......................y'all are making me want to go somewhere between now and then.
  17. Try Alaska.
  18. sage

    sage Guest

    I agree that the Crow's Nest and the Explorer's Club are wonderful places. Now with the addition of the Explorations Cafe, you will find free music that you can listen to on headphones while relaxing in comfy chairs that look out to sea. My DH loved that area. Don't forget the Lido deck for ice cream and other goodies in the afternoon. The piano bar is also a great place. I hope that you have a wonderful time.
  19. Judi

    Judi Guest

    Here's another vote for the Crow's Nest. We love it up there for pre-cocktails and ports.

    If the person is any good in the piano bar, that's usually our after-dinner spot. If not, we might go up to the Crow's Nest again, but not for long, as we're not disco people!
  20. debbiedo

    debbiedo Guest

    We aren't disco people either or anywhere with blaring music. We cruise on HAL for the ability to relax and enjoy the cruise experience, upscale, somewhat sedate.

    There are 3 ports on our cruise that we've never visited so we will no doubt get off the ship for those but otherwise we will stay onboard and enjoy the Volendam.

    I would love to cruise to Alaska but DH doesn't have alot of interest and I shy away because I don't want to cruise with alot of children, or need to wear a jacket to enjoy the outdoors.

    HAL does not have excursions for our cruise listed as of yet (much too early) but I'd enjoy hearing what we shouldn't miss in the Southern Caribbean.


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