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Volendam Cabin Catagory Questions

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by debbiedo, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Alaska - we have had very children on all the HAL cruises we have done there.
  2. It has been a year since we did the Volendam's cruises.

    What ports are new to you? We have been to all the Caribbean ports many times.
  3. debbiedo

    debbiedo Guest

    Have never seen Curacao, Dominica, Aruba. Have been to St Thomas many times (did I read somewhere that going to St Johns is a possibility from St Thomas), Half Moon Cay (been there a few times and DH isn't a beach person at all - I love it but..................well, you know).

    I really wish we could have afforded an "S" suite this trip but will have to make due with the Cat B. We will enjoy the cabin nonetheless and it's better to be on a DAM ship in any catagory than have to wave goodbye and still be on land :).

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