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Volt Situation on Spirit

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by cm24, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. cm24

    cm24 Guest

    Our cruise is coming up in 2 months and we are concerned about the "volt" situation on the NCL Spirit in that it is outfitted for 220v in the staterooms whereas most appliances operate on 110v...

    i checked what i need to take on the cruise and don't know what to do about my cell phone charger, video camera batt charger, and personal dvd player charger...which all operate on 110v...

    Is getting a volt converter the only option?
    Anyone have any ideas?
    Anyone recently sail the Spirit and have any ideas on what will happen?

    Please Advise,
  2. Brunolvr

    Brunolvr Guest

    Here's the caution as outlined in the Daily: "Please read the signs on the wall outlets. Some of our outlets are 220 volts while 110 volts are required for North American appliances. If you do not have a voltage converter, please do not plug any items in the wall outlets marked 220 volts. You may get a shock or damage your personal appliances!!! Important: Onboard 110 volt plug = 500 watts max. Please check your personal hairdryers for wattage output." We had no problems in re-charging our camera or plugging in our laptop computer (for downloading pictures).
  3. cm24

    cm24 Guest

    Thanks! I'm hoping I won't have to purchase a converter!
  4. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    In my balcony cabin on the ninth floor, we had a 110 volt outlet in the bathroom for a shaver, and another 110 volt outlet by the desk which we used to recharge batteries for my cameras..... Don't expect your cell phone to work half the time during the trip.....you'll be out of range.... However, the Spirit does have phone service using satellite technology..... As for your DVD player, why watch television at all on a cruise? First run movies are available at the movie cinema.....for free! They also have some cable channels on the television.....Get out of your cabin.....enjoy your social life.....PARTY!
  5. cm24

    cm24 Guest

    Oh yes, I plan to enjoy it! (12 days away - we're so excited)...
    But I'm a serious night owl and my dvd player I sometimes use to watch a movie really late at night - and I wasn't sure if they would have anything social to do after 2/3: 00 in the morning (?)

    That's the ONLY reason why I'd ever watch TV on a cruise - Most of the time I plan to be out of my cabin and just come back to sleep for a couple of hours (we're going as a group of five 18-20year olds - so yes, we will certainly be partying most of the time)...But my video camera charger is a MUST.

    From what I've read it sounds like I can use the one outlet we have for that and I won't need a converter.

    This site has been invaluable!!! Thanks so much to you all for your GREAT suggestions...

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