Voyage of the Seas, Very concerned



i have not read any good reviews on this ship, and though im not one to cancel a booking becasue some people had luke warm pizza,, i have not read a signle good thing. I am so very excited about this, and am dying to go to aruba, and this had some really nice at sea days,that i dont want to cancel, i have also never been on RCCL and was told they go above and beyond, but from what i am reading, it seems that service was lacking, please help


i cant imagine any rccl ship to have bad service. i have been on two, and couldnt say one bad thing about it. im sure that it will be great. i wouldnt worry. i took a cruise on carnival, it was actually pretty bad service, not so great food, kids (teens) everywhere etc.- but just being on vacation and on the water made all the bad things disappear! your vacation is what you make of it. rccl will just make it better i am sure!

leigh ann


hey hey hey....Melissa...please... that was their cruise..this ain't yours....don't let that rattle your cage. Calm down...That was their problems..and to them I say, I'm sorry to hear about it...

I've had people write about the very same cruise I was on, and they wrote about having this awful, painful time, and I wondered as I'm reading through....were you even on the same ship?"

GO!! and enjoy Voyager. She's amazing.



Perhaps I can help ease your fears.

I never thought I would enjoy cruising. I took my first cruise 2 years ago
and I am now about to board my 4th cruise next week to Aruba.

All the cruises have been aboard Royal Caribbean.

I talk to a lot of people who cruise and I regularly read the message boards.
Based on all of that in addition to my own experiences, I think I can give a good
explanation of what you can expect on RCCL compared to other cruise lines.

Royal Caribbean tends to sit in the middle of all cruise lines. They are
considered to be "the best bang for the buck." Without naming specific lines
(as it always leads to arguments) they are not a high profiile pampered cruise
line nor are they bottom of the barrel.

The strong points? First of all, this is going to be my second trip on VOYAGER.
It was the very first ship I sailed on two years ago, and remains my favorite. It is
a top-of-the-line RCCL showcase ship. It's gorgeous. You'll walk in and your
mouth will drop wide open. It has EVERYTHING including a beautiful theater,
ice-skating rink (the ice show is AMAZING don't miss it) and even Johnny Rockets
(great food).

Back when I was on that ship 2 years ago it was in immaculate condition. I was
just overly impressed by the cleanliness of the ship and the artwork that was on
the walls. The VOYAGER ship reaked of class. It was also a FUN ship. The staff
was very friendly and the entertainment was always good.

The not-so-strong points? Over the years I have noticed RCCL service diminish
somewhat. On a more recent cruise I noticed they cut back the stateroom staff. There
used to be several attendants in every block of rooms. Last time out there was only
one on the entire side of our floor. I wouldn't say service was bad, but it certainly
seemed as if our stateroom attendents were less attentive due to their increased

The food? Depends where you eat. The dining room food is very, very good. The
only thing I hate is that the food is portioned, but you can certainly keep asking for
more. The waiters learn your food habits and by mid-week will know how much to bring
to your plate. They wil lalso learn your name.

If you eat in the Windjammer/Island Grill you'll notice a drop in food quality. It's more
like cafeteria food . I actually prefer eating in those cafe's because I enjoy going up and
serving myself as much food as I can eat. Lunch and Dinner in the Windjammer/Island
Grill is far better than breakfast where eggs taste a bit powdery and the pancakes and
waffles tend to be rubbery.

Overall, I would rate the food on RCCL to be quite good. Be prepared to put on a bit
of weight. Eating is unavoidable. Everywhere you turn on that ship, at all hours of the day,
you'll be confronted with food. Walk the promenade on deck #5 and you'll find yourself
stopping into the 24-hour snack cafe that churns out pizza, ice cream, cookies and cakes.

I promise you -- unless something has drastically changed over the past two years,
you will find Voyager of the Seas and RCCL to be an amazing cruising experience. If
this is your first cruise, you picked the perfect line to start with. As I stated, RCCL is
considered to be in the middle of what is the best and what is the worst.

Looks like I'll be on your ship. We'll have lots to talk about upon our return. Please post
your experiences for us.

Oh...and if this helps, here are reviews of my last two cruises with RCCL.....

Don't cancel! You will have a great time.


Our first cruise was on Voyager. Our second was on her sister, Explorer. We are preparing to take a group cruise with our family, most of whom have never been before. We chose Voyager because of how much we loved her. Both are very comparable, but I am taking my family on a ship where I know they will have the vacation of their lifetimes. PLEASE, put your fears to rest. Voyager is a gem, and I absolutely cannot wait for the next 40 days to go by. THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. You will have a ball; I guarantee it.



I gotta agree with the rest of the gang. Voyager is AWESOME. Just refurbished in May. Navigator and Explorer were equally fabulous. In 13 voyages some have been better than others but I have NEVER had a bad cruise. :thumb

As far as these reviews that do nothing but complain...gimmie a break :spank

They complain that the service wasn't so hot :? Well I wonder who waits on them hand and foot at home and caters to their every need! :blah

The food wasn't very good :? I'll bet it beats the heck out of the hamburger helper they're having for dinner at home tonight. :chef

They didn't like the entertainment :? Well perhaps they should just stay home and watch re-runs on TV.

Me, I'm packing my fins and mask, my tux and my hawaiian shirts :wave

You'll have an awesone time on VOS, Melissa so =funsign

Ken :thumb I've had the same thoughts...were they really on the same ship. Right on!

Just my =twocents

Michael =sailor


To Mike! :thumb... and all of the rest of the above posters!! :thumb

Now, Melissa...don't even think about cancelling Voyager.. or I"ll have to come over there and give you a NY smack in the tush!

(psst.. hey Mike... how'd I do? ) :grin


I have to agree with the others. Voyager by far has been my favorite ship! We went on Voyager for our honeymoon and have been looking forward to going on Explorer since then. Everyone we came in contact with was extremely friendly and accomodating (and not just because we were on our honeymoon because many people didn't know that we were.)

Do not cancel!

The ship holds many memories for me and I hope that Explorer can live up to her sister ship!

Have a wonderful time!


okay okay,,, First I wouldnt dream of cancelling any vacation unless, ofcourse someone steals my tires again.... I was just worried, after having such a good time on princess and carnival, and reading these bad reviews, im thinking to myself , how coukd you have such a bad time not working, and on such a gorgeous ship.... thanks all for putting my fears to rest, cant wait to go now even more than before


Ken_2001 Wrote:
> I've had people write about the very same cruise
> I was on, and they wrote about having this awful,
> painful time, and I wondered as I'm reading
> through....were you even on the same ship?"
> Exactly!!!!! This happened on our last CCL trip~~~we hooked up with some folks here on a roll-call and I absolutely, positively could not believe the scathing review they wrote when we returned. (We had even visited several times on the ship with them after our get-together onboard). Some things he/she wrote about could only be explained as utter and complete lies or extreme gross misrepresentations made with the intent of making themselves feel superior. Totally unbelieveable what he/she wrote!!!!

I now know TRUTHFULLY and via 1st hand experience not to believe what I read in reviews because it simply may be completely false information and I am saddened by that fact that others will read this trash and perhaps allow it to factor into their cruise plans. So, although I have not sailed the Voyager yet (but I am in the planning stage for next Oct on the Adventure!) I say do NOT let the bad reviews sway your decision. Too many here have said great things to you about the Voyager~~I'd go with that and plan on having a great time.


:lol And besides...remember this saying..

"A bad cruise is ALWAYS better than your worst day at work!!"


Don't you mean...

"A bad cruise is ALWAYS better than your BEST day at work!!"

I went on Voyager of the Seas in Nov, 2002 ("Home Theater Cruise"), and I agree with all of the positive comments above!


Ken...ya did just that NY "attitude" And as the saying goes...Your worst day on a cruise is still better than your BEST day at work :thumb

Michael =sailor


=eek :lol I'm feelin a little =screwy today. :lol teaches me not to work and type at the same time! :lol Oy vey!


I'd settle for a bad day on a cruise today... :thumb Just bring on the frozen thingys. :cheers

Michael =sailor


Try this to calm your fears:

You've been on the Carnival Fantasy & the grand Princess. Go read reviews for both of those ships written around the time of your cruise. Presumably you had a good time. Now remember what you liked about your past cruises & compare that to what's written in those reviews. Feel better? You should.



I know you're already convinced to stay with your reservations for Voyager, but let me add one more to the fan club :)

I went on my first cruise in 2 years this past May on the Voyager. We went on the 5 day up to Canada out of Bayonne.

Let me tell you something. I've been on many cruises in the past (my mother owns a travel agency), and this was by FAR the best cruise I've ever been on in my -life-. I had gone on a cruise in December of 2001 on Celebrity, and it couldn't compare.

The class of ship alone will overwhelm you.

Remember -- a vacation is what you make of it. We were laid back, and we had a great time and didn't worry about anything. Okay, so the food wasn't the best we'd ever had.. but our waiter and bus person worked super hard to try to make sure we were satisfied. our cabin steward was wonderful (we tipped him $20 at the start the cruise, and had supurb service. No clue if it would have been otherwise, but $20 was worth us having a wonderful experience).

We are going to be on the repositioning cruise back on the Voyager from Miami back to New Jersey on May 7th of next year, and we can't wait. :)

Enjoy your vacation, and come back and report what a fabulous time you had :)