Voyage of the Seas, Very concerned



Melissa.. this is coming from the captain of this web site!! How's that for reasurance? Hmmm? :grin



I'm looking forward to meeting you on the repo cruise, then! :) Any idea what kind of stateroom you'll be in yet?

You... -we- are going to have a blast! :)



Here's my 2 cents........

I think that the cruise lines overall are not what cruises used to be known for. I think it comes down to personal preference and what you are willing to overlook. I think that Royal Caribbean has a great fleet of ships, however, is there room of improvement............abosolutely. In going on the Nav. of the seas in August I was thrilled at what the ship had to offer but service compared to princess....very different. Even my boyfriend commented on this and he usually doesn't say much. Would this deter me from cruising that line again....absolutely not.

I would hope that the cruise lines take the time to read reviews and try to improve upon the neg. comments.

The reason I state the above is because I went on two carnival ships over 10 years ago and the personnel were practically tripping over themselves to help you with anything and everything.

Anyway, go with the really is what you make of it.


You have to remember, RCI has taken away so much, they have added anything in recient years to give you much reason to go. They charge for greasy burgers, have taken away the TA discounts, raised prices considerably, virtually taken away lunch in the dining room, only open on sea days and offer a very limited menu.

The only thing I have seen that has gotten better is they appeared to have stopped charging the $1 for cookies on some ships.

Yes you should be concerned. I loved the Navigator, there is no way Id go with these changes.


cruised on Voyager in 2003 July with 2 teens and my husband. First cruise was fabulous. cannot imagine what would have gotten such horrible reviews. shows were great, weather was fabulous. labadee was superb..loved grand cayman..dining was wonderful, food above average. okay the casino wasn't lucky for my husband.....he didn't even want to go at first....we are now booking cruise #2 so i guess he had a fabulous time as well!


These boards are great to read and find out information but like the others said...some people have to complain about something...a spot on the carpet, the food, entertainment, etc. This will be our 15th cruise with RC and we are ready to sail December 11th, on the Voyager and can hardly wait. If you look hard enough, you might find something wrong but "get out there" and have some fun. I bet you want like everything they serve, but I bet you will have a gracious plenty of something you like. Forget negative remarks and enjoy your cruise!!! Cannot wait for the flourless chocolate cake, key lime pie, ice cream, etc.


Sailing on Voyager as we speak. This is the second time I have been on
this ship in 2 years. I can definately see the downsizing in service in that
span of time.

The ship is a bit dirtier, the stateroom service is not that great and food is
not as good as it had been.

The boarding process out of Bayonne was not as effortless as I had hoped.
They kept us in a holding area for 2 hours before everyone shoved their way
onto shuttle busses to the ship.

Still, we are having a great time. We opted to get a GS cabin and it comes
with concierge service that has been outstanding.

People I have met on board who have done the cruise circuit claim RCCL
has diminished in quality and that there are other lines (including of all
things CARNIVAL) doing it better.

I'll have a full review within the week.