Voyager 9/29/02



I'll be on the Voyager and I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer.
1. Now that I'm a Platinum Crown and Anchor member I saw on the RCCL web site that I am entitled to a separate departure area. Do they mean departing the ship or departing the Port? What is that and where do I find it? Do they have a separate check in line for Platinum members?
2. I am going to Miami the day before the flight. I've heard that if you book the, " before cruise hotel stay", with the cruise line that they will pre-register you at the hotel before you go to the port. I will be making my own arrangements and I'm wondering WHICH hotels they pre-register at and if I happend to be staying there, if they will allow ME to pre-register. If they would I'd change hotel reservations!
3. What time can I REALLY board the ship. Before 9/11 I would arrive at NOON and they would be embarking. My cruise documents quote a much later time, 2:00 PM I think.


Platinum and Diamond Members get a separate check-in, making it much faster to board the ship. You still have to wait in the line for luggage scanning but once past that you can proceed to the Crown and Anchor Check-In. When returning to Miami there is a separate waiting lounge for members where you can get pastries, coffee, orange..etc. If you are traveling with others that are not Platinum or Diamond members they cannot wait with you.

The hotel question I can't answer as I always do my own air and hotel reservations. As far as boarding the ship, I have gotten on as early as noon.