voyager of the seas 9-7-03




I'm going on my first RC cruise - I've been on 5 Carnivals but thought it was time to try a new line....

I just wanted to know if anyone has been on the ship before and their opion of it - also what tours did you go on and were they worth the money.

How is the kids program? I have two girls who are 8 and 12. Does RC do the soda cards for the kids like Carnival does. Any info on this ship is appreciated.




My husband and I just returned from our first RC cruise and thought the Voyager was an amazing ship. You and your children will have a great time! RC does offer soda cards- I don't know how much they are. The kids program seems awesome! We were looking at it more for the younger ages (our kids are 2 and 4) but it seems really well planned and supervised! While I look forward to trying new ships, lines and itineraries, I think the Voyager will be hard to beat as far as things to do goes. I would be interested in hearing how you compare the Voyager and RC to Carnival- Tonight I have been researching "family cruising" as we are planning our first cruise with our children for next year. Have a great time!