Voyager of the Seas Aft Rooms


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Hi all. I’m new to cruising and am planning my second cruise sometime this year. My first cruise was on Jewel of the Seas and I had an aft room on the tenth floor. That room had spectacular views and I want one just like it for my next cruise. Currently, I am looking into a cruise on RC Voyager of the Seas. It looks like there is an aft Junior Suite room available on floor 6. Does anyone have any experience with the Junior Suite rooms on floor 6 aft? Pictures would also be helpful. I really don’t want to book a room just to find out it has blocked views.

Thanks guys.


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If it is the view you are after, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when comparing the view from a Radiance class ship (such as the Jewel of the Seas) with a Voyager class ship (such as the Voyager of the Seas).

This is the back of the Jewel of the Seas ...

As you can see, there is nothing obstructing the view ...

This is the back of a Voyager class ship ...

As you can see, there is a lot of structure between you and the view. This is what it looks like from your balcony ...



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thanks cruizer. definately not a fan of the obstructed view. we decided to book an aft room on the 11th floor of the norwegian jade. we were quite satisfied with jewel of the seas, so hopefully the jade is as good. :)