Voyager questions and more....please help!



I've been on 2 other cruises both with Carnival...I want to change it up a bit and try rccl this time....I do have a few questions so please bear with me ....

1)I've had balcony rooms on Carnival, but noticed just how much cheaper an atrium room is and am thinking i'd think it's pretty neat type of room....Should i go atrium or do you think i'll be disappointed once i'm on board wishing a had a balcony?

2) has anyone booked their trips online and if so, what websites are best? I'm in Canada and kind of leary of booking online and not having a "real life" person to fall back on if there are any problems....If i do book online, what happens if my documents are incorrect etc....Is it easy to get problems fixed??

3)If i do go with a balcony on the voyager is there any balconies in particular that i should steer away from that have obstructions etc??

I think that's about it for now...Thanks for any assistance!!


My first cruise on RCI was an atrium room. It was quite neat to be able to look down on the people walking below and watching the parades. Remember this, how often are you actually in your cabin to actually enjoy the time inside?

We have rebooked again for this year on NOS and we wanted to try a balcony since it was something that I have never had before on any cruise.

Have fun!


Welcome to Addicts! Well since you have already had a balcony, it might be hard sailing without one. The saying is, "once you've had a balcony, you can't ever sail without one." :lol I spend a lot of time on the balcony and am also claustrophobic so I need that fresh air hitting me in the face. The atrium cabins are nice. I have never stayed in one, but the view for the parades and the Promenade has got to be wonderful. As far as obstructions with the balcony cabins...the lifeboats do not block any of the balconies...they are situated below deck 6 which is the last floor of balcony cabins. If you have a choice, choose a balcony above deck 6. The balconies on decks 7-10 have the glass partition in the railings, on deck 6 it's all steel making it hard to view the sea while sitting out there.

I book my cruises online but I am not sure if it's different with you living in Canada. It might be better for you if you booked with a TA in your area. You could always check online for prices and then take them into the local TA to see if they could match them.

Try getting quotes from some of the sponsors on the board You could also go into the links section and check out some of the agencies listed in there too.

The Voyager is a ton of fun. You'll have a great cruise..


I like balconys too but have chosen an atrium room for our Voyager cruise. We've had many types of cabins in the past and mixed it up so that we choose a balcony when we will have the most chance to enjoy it. This will be our first time on a Voyager class ship and there is sooooo much to do I don't think we will be in our cabin much and the atrium view was a interesting alternative to an inside. I think it will be really nice to have a window seat to watch the parades without having to look around other spectators too. Which ever you choose, I think you will have a great time on this ship. :)


I just booked my honeymoon cruise for June of 2004 on Adventure of the Seas. It's only our my second cruise, but will be my first balcony. I can't wait! So I can't help much with the room preference, but I can help with a website. Try Bob has been very helpful with booking both of my cruises, and the prices are usually good. Have fun!


You are going to have an amazing cruise on Voyager. It is an awesome ship. We have stayed in a balcony room and LOVED it, but we have never tried an atrium cabin, although I would certainly be open to giving it a try. Just remember that in an atrium cabin you will hear the noise from the Royal Promenade on parade nights. Also remeber that others can see right into your cabin so be mindful of closing the curtains for privacy.

Go ahead and book online with a reputable company. It is no problem from Canada (I am also Canadian). Any of the sponsors of this site are very reputable and will give you good prices and good service. Check them out. Also if you need air or hotel check out the links above at this site. Great deals, you won't find prices as good on air, hotel, or car rentals anywhere else.


I am Canadian and a cruise addict......ehehehehhe....couldn't resist!!!!
Never cruised before but recently booked my first one, through a U.S. website, Best Price Cruises. com. The rates were good and after receiving my confirmation number, I was able to call up our names on the cruise ship's website , so I knew we were registered just fine.
Give them a call and they can reassure you and answer any of your questions.

A tip I have found to have even further savings...... get yourself a U.S. visa card and open a U.S. bank acct. Purchase the american to be deposited to your acct. when the rate is good to buy...been really good this last bit.....Use your U.S. visa to book your flight, hotel, cruise, ship expenses etc and pay it off when you get home from your U.S. acct.
I have been able to really budget well and save for my winter trip this way.

Good luck with your decisions.....


Hello, My husband and I just returned from a cruise on Voyager last month. We had an Atrium room and enjoyed it. This was our second cruise together- our first was our honeymoon with Norweigen and we had a balcony room. After that we said we would never cruise the Caribbean without a balcony, but now 6 years later, decided to try something new. While the balcony was the ultimate, staying in an Atrium room gave us extra "cash" for shore excursions and gifts. (we did try to upgrade at the last minute, but the ship was full). The window in our room was really big and had a window seat. We were on the top level of the Atrium and in the middle, which gave a nice view either way. Kindof fun to "people watch" if you're bored. All in all, it was fine for us. We did spend less time in our room this time around- I'm sure b/c we couldn't enjoy the sun and wind from our room. Hope this helps. Enjoy your cruise- the Voyager is an awesome ship!!