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Want to know about the Talkeetna area ?

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by Alaskan guide, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Hello ,

    A friend told me to visit this site and see if anyone needs any information on the Talkeetna Alaska area I have been a guide here for the last 3 years? I live here year round, But now my wife and I run Black Bear ATV & ARGO Adventures here in the area. If you need any info on what or what not to do , Things to visit or places to eat or any general question . Feel free to ask

    Alaskan guide
  2. Alaska05

    Alaska05 Guest

    Hi Alaskan Guide,

    We have a group of 4 who will be staying overnight in Talkeetna for 3 nights (July 11-13) after our northbound Alaska cruise. We're driving from Anchorage to Talkeetna and making that our home base. We were thinking about taking a Denali day trip (fly up in morning and back that evening) with Talkeetna Aero Services. Haven't booked yet. I've received info from the Talkeetna Visitors Center, but would appreciate any suggestions you might have. We're all in our mid 50s. Thanks.
  3. Hello,

    You know, If you could I would stay in Denali, 3 days in Talkeetna is 2 days more than you need. The town is only about a mile long. And Denali is about 3 hours from there (By car) .
    But here is a list of things to do. They are local and at the Princess Mckinley lodge about 45 min. from Talkeetna but most take place in Talkeetna or Trapper creek

    Princess Wilderness Lodge.

    Three Rivers Tour
    Jeep Backcountry Safari
    Wilderness Adventure Trail Ride
    Horse-drawn Wagon Ride
    Iditarod Sled Dog Kennel Tour
    Trapper Creek Homestead Tour
    Black Bear ATV Adventures
    Argo Adventure Tour
    Byers Lake Nature Walk
    Denali Wilderness Hike
    Alaska Sportfishing
    Catch and Release Fly Fishing
    Byers Lake Kayaking
    Susitna Evening Float Trip
    Talkeetna Canyon Tour
    Jet Boat Safari
    Chulitna River Rafting
    Talkeetna River Float Trip
    "Tokosha" - Denali Park Adventure
    Wilderness Fly-in Fishing
    McKinley Discovery Tour
    Glacier Landing Explorer Tour
    Summit Flight Tour
    Denali Park via Helicopter Tour
    Denali Park with Vista Landing

    Here is the link if you want to read about each tour

    Alaskan Guide
  4. Recommendations for Talkeetna and Anchorage

    Has anyone stayed at Sunshine Lake Bed & Breakfast in Talkeetna or The Oscar Gill House in Anchorage?

    Were the establishments clean?

  5. escapebycruisin ,

    I have heard good reviews about Sunshine B&B its about 9 miles from downtown Talkeetna , Sorry can not help you on Anchorage I only go there once every couple of months.

    Alaska Guide
  6. olgi

    olgi Guest


    couldyou tellme, can you see mt. mckinley from denali, or from talkeena. i am doing land tour first and then crusing in june and the tour i wanted was closed. it stayed at the talkeena lodge. instead now we are staying in denali two nights. i wanted to see mt. mckinley. need some info. thanks.
  7. I think the view of McKinley is better from Talkeetna but you still can see it from Denali , If the weather is good and the sky is clear.

    Alaskan Guide
  8. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    What does the Talkeetna River Float consist of? We will have approx 1/2 day for exploring. Would this be a good excursion for 1/2 day?

  9. Slow moving water , But here is the description

    Plan your day in Talkeetna around a leisurely two-hour float on the Talkeetna River. Gently glide through serene wilderness as your guide points out highlights along the way. Float through bear, moose and beaver habitat, near salmon streams and active eagle nests. Should wildlife be seen, your guide pauses for viewing and photo opportunities. On clear days, Mt. McKinley and the Alaska Range provide a spectacular backdrop for this tempting river adventure. Spend your free time learning more about the history of Talkeetna before you catch the shuttle back to the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge.

    Approximately 2 hours (Requires 1-hour transfer to/from Talkeetna, subject to shuttle schedule and $15 transfer fee.)

    $54 per person

    There is no whitewater on the Chulitna River, so bring your camera.

    Rain gear, life jacket and boots

    Substantial level of activity required

    Family-friendly environment

    Accomodates limited mobility
  10. Sorry ,I will not be giving any more info on Talkeetna, As I was asked not to by the Administrator of this site.

    If you like please visit cruisecritic.com as there is more information on that site for all of Alaska.

    Hope to see you here.
  11. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    I'm shocked. I thought that what this site was for.....to get help!!!!! What's up with that????

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