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Warnemunde/Rostock sightseeing

Discussion in 'Europe' started by WarmFuzzy, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. WarmFuzzy

    WarmFuzzy Guest

    My family will be on Holland America Westerdaam sailing 6/30 out of Copenhagen. I have found a wealth of information on a number of different ports, but can not find anything (written in English) on Warnemunde/Rostock.

    I do not plan on taking the hours long (round trip) ride to Berlin, & would instead like to travel over to Rostock for the day we are in port. I heard rumors of a 'card' similar to the Tallinn Card, which gets you free/discounted admissions & transportations.

    Does anyone have further information on Rostock, or a reliable web page with lots of information (in English)??
  2. tartangal

    tartangal Guest

    I don't know about the card but we docked in Warnemunde and rented a car and drove to Schwerin and Lubeck to see the medieval buildings only to hear later that the only unrestored perfectly preserved church (14th century, I believe) was in Rostock. Really enjoyed our "road trip" though and would recommend it. Stopped briefly in Wismar whose market square was our favorite of all .
    I did hear later that Berlin surprised people who hadn't expected its beauty. But it is a very long trip.

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