WARNING TO FAMILIES ! Avoid Carlos & Charlies - any location



I also didn';t realize that it was an adult oriented place, I'm glad to know in advance and thank you steph. Raspberries to you cruisevirgin.


Just think BAR and whatever it takes to get the tourist dollars and keep them coming back.



In general even in the US, young children should not be a bar. When you add tourism and Mexico to the mix, well, anything can be expected.


Its definately an ADULT establishment where heavy drinking is promoted but, can be refused. They dod a congo line where everyone who participates is given free shots poured from a bottle, as you limbo. Some people like the atmosphere, its loud, looney and fun to people watch. The drinks are strong and so is the partying... So to each thier own as they vacation as they wish.

Just added this in, as a side note. The food here is actually good and they do have a restraunt portion. This is not to say you won't be offered a shot from the lady who will shake your head, whistle and tweak your boobs before you know it.


I couldn't agree more John. I'm just so thankful of this post. The only things I've read in the past were..."Oh we've had such a wonderful time at C&Cs" Had I not known about this, I probably would have went over to check out C&Cs and even missed out on a shore excursion


I totally agree that I wouldn't take children to Carlos and Charlies, but in fairness it is a great place to go to have a great time FOR ADULTS !!!!

GF and I had a blast there. We met a few other couples and had a great afternoon and we did all the crazy stuff the previous posters have mentioned, but it was definately an adult place.

I guess the two cartoon monkeys that appear on the logo can be misleading into thinking it is a family hangout.

Although many tourist venues have become more family oriented cruises and place like Las Vegas for example. There are still places just for the BIG kids. I think Carlos and Charlies is one of those places


thanks for the warning, We are going in September just my husband and myself, but this does not seem like a place I would be interested in seeing.


I am with you on that one, this place looks like one I want to stay far away from.

These kinds of antics are not funny in my book, they are sleazy. I would be furious if someone poured booze on their boobs and offered it MY HUSBAND.

This kind of stuff is not funny, and I am not a prude.

I am glad that this place has been mentioned and we can discuss it here, I will make certain that I do not go into the place


Brings back memories of the last cruise I went on. At 2 out of 3 ports we visited (Cozumel was one of them), a young woman (almost a teenager??) had to be brought back to the boat by an ambulance due to over indulgence. I did notice that day that Charlies had a VERY wild party. The weird part was that when my wife and I passed C&C's we auktomatically thought of the young woman (this was right after the first incident the day before).

Don't get me wrong, I like a little drinking. And I wouldn't mind getting a drink there. But, I don't like the atmoshpere that goes with the place. It really reminded me of Animal House.


ps sophie and someone else said it best. People need to check on the places they intend to visit. And they need to ask more questions. I always check EVERYTHING I can think of. When I planned my honeymoon some 26 years ago, someone mentioned Gatlinburg. Well, I got hold of maps, AAA guide for hotels and other, got info from the chamber by mail, postcards with info from the hotels, looked up the places to eat, and on and on.
But then, I've always been like that. This is my fifth cruise, but I am still planning and improving upon the others. I have to get the dewrinke I have to get the dewrinkle I have to get the dewrinkle (another senior moment)

Steph, hope I didn't offend you with this. I guess because of my age, I've already made and learned from the mistakes younger people are making today.l

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Your reply was hilarious. I read many of the posts about ‘topless’ sunbathing on the Carnival ships. I was rolling on the floor laughing.