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water, soda, is it free?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by lisalovlee33, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. lisalovlee33

    lisalovlee33 Guest

    this may sound like a real silly questions. Question regarding norwegian sky (san juan) as port of call. I know alcohol is not inclusive, but what about water, soda, coffee, are those inclusive? I was on the Mediterranean cruise with sundream and all drinks including water is billed. thanks..
  2. Trish1c

    Trish1c Guest

    It depends. Soda is not free. Water from a dispenser is free; bottled water is not free. Regular coffee & tea are free but speciality coffees from the coffee bar are not.
  3. zahr03

    zahr03 Guest

    One thing about the sodas are that in the first few days you can buy a "package" (price varies by length of cruise). If you drink lots of sodas (fountain only as I recall), you might find it a good deal to buy the package. You get a label for your security card and don't have to pay any more for fountain drinks. As I recall, if you buy canned sodas from the bar (we did this to keep in the refrigerator), they had a cost associated with them. I really don't remember for sure, though.
  4. BigAl

    BigAl Guest

    zahr is correct. The soda card is only good for fountain sodas. Soda is always an extra charge even at meals, so as he said, if you are a soda drinker the soda sticker is a good choice. On a seven day cruise the cost is around $28.75.
  5. zahr03

    zahr03 Guest

    Found this info on the NCL web site:

    Bon Voyage & Special Occasion Gifts
    Adult Refillable Soda Fountain Cup
    * Pricing is subject to change without notice

    3-day cruise
    Item # 350 - $12.75

    10-day cruise
    Item #346 - $34.75

    4-day cruise
    Item #349 - $16.75

    12-day cruise
    Item #345 - $37.75

    5-day Cruise
    item #348 - $20.75

    14-day cruise
    Item #344 - $39.50

    7-day cruise
    Item #347 - $28.75
    - -
  6. lisalovlee33

    lisalovlee33 Guest

    wow, thank you so much for all the info..probably will get the package then.. thanks!
  7. zahr03

    zahr03 Guest

    Oh yeah - I forgot to tell you that they should give you a sticker (my last one was just a yellow circle) to put on your security card. You don't have to carry the cup they give you when you register around with you everywhere. Just show them the sticker on your card if you don't have your cup with you. Works like a charm. Enjoy!
  8. rbl

    rbl Guest

    How about tea? Do they charge for that at meals?

  9. zahr03

    zahr03 Guest

    Coffee came with the meal. We never ordered tea, but I suspect it comes with the meal, too.

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