Waterproof Shoes



We will be cruising the inside passage on July 18 and, therefore, are planning what to pack. I've read that waterproof shoes are important for Alaska. Is this really important? They don't even sell them here in Florida, at least not at any stores near here. I can order some for $40 but don't know if I will really need them. What do you think?


Waterproof shoes?? I can't imagine why you'd need them for Alaska!

Now, it does rain there a lot. So maybe they're thinking that your shoes would get wet. And if you take one of the excursions that take you out on a glacier, that's ice, of course -- wet, and puddles, and slippery.

I'd think you'd want shoes with rubber soles (like tennis shoes) that won't slip on wet surfaces...but

no, I don't think you'd need any special "waterproof" shoes!

I've been to Alaska twice now -- never took waterproof shoes. And only once did my shoes get wet in the rain -- so I changed, and the one pair was dry by the next day....


Some recent cruiser got to Ketchikan with pouing rain..then took shuttle to walmart for water repellant spray (& poncho's) for their shoes..I just got some spray at Walmart yesterday and plan to do the family shoes before we cruise in Aug. Cost's about $4 per can.. recommends 2 applications. I hate WET feet after a nasty experience at Disney world and walking around soaked. So hopefully this will save our shoes!
Chris Mitchell


You do need good shoes for walking and having something that is water resistant for shoes would be helpful especially in Ketchikan. It more than likely will rain in Ketchikan and if you take any tours into the rain forest the soggy ground and ground cover can soak through regular shoes.

If you do not have something water resistant I would take a couple pairs of shoes so one could dry out while you wear the other.