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:wave Princess Sailing Roll Call.When is your next Princess cruise and it's destination??

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Cruise cutie, Jun 12, 2007.


    AJGDMK Guest

    I have a request for Seagarsmoker: When you sail on the Coral Princess early next year would you entertain the idea of getting me some PCL casino chips from the Coral's casino? I need the $1 chip, the $2.50 and the two $5 chips (regular and inaugural) for my collections. I would be willing to pay a premium for your trouble.
    The chips I want have the Coral Princess name on each of them.
    If you collect chips, we are sailing on the Island Princess in December and would be willing to do the same.
    You can contact me at ajg@tylerpaper.com for details.
    A.J. Giametta, Tyler, Texas
  2. brendal

    brendal Guest

    Sailing on the Golden for Christmas on Dec 22, 2007
    Sailing on the Diamond April 16 to Hawaii
    Going to try a Carnival Oct 29 the Slendor out of Rome would love to meet people to do tours with

    Brenda L

    Cruises too many to name started on the Orginal Queen Mary!!!!
  3. ndavis7515

    ndavis7515 Guest

    We are sailing on the Emerald Princess on January 25, 2008.

  4. We just booked to sail the Emerald on December 6th. Destination Caribbean. Celebrating seagrandads 80th and our friends 50th. wedding anniversary on board. November 6th. we go on a land trip to Hawaii so a busy month or two ahead!
  5. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    I've got a new one added to my list! Sapphire Princess, 7nights, May 9, 2009....Coastal Wine Country Cruise from Los Angeles to Vancouver with stops in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Seattle,Astoria and Victoria. I think it sounds like a real winner!
  6. junkmale

    junkmale Guest

  7. mollyredone

    mollyredone Guest

    We are going on our second Princess Alaskan cruise June 2008 and we have a minisuite balcony! I'm so excited! Our son and his wife are going with us, their first cruise!

  8. chucky7

    chucky7 Guest

    crown Princess, Dec 1, San Jaun 14 days
  9. CruiseAholic

    CruiseAholic Guest

    This Sunday (10/21) on the Dawn Princess.

    12/10 Tahitian Princess

    01/05 Emerald Princess
  10. Iceberg

    Iceberg Guest

    Final payment in for the Coral, Jan. 6, 2008 - Pabama Canal. Any other Canadians out there coming along?
  11. rene4205

    rene4205 Guest

    NOv '08, crown princess

    Nov '03 star princess
  12. DesertNurse

    DesertNurse Guest

    Dawn Princess 4/13/08 San Diego to Mexican Riviera
    Grand Princess 11/10/08 Egypt & Aegean
  13. Zaa plus 1

    Zaa plus 1 Guest

    We are D :)lol thats me) & D (=sleep sleeping at mo) from UK joining Sea Princess in Montego bay on 9th Feb 2008 for Caribbean dream 2 week cruise (our 2nd on this ship), anyone else on this cruise?

    me :lol him: clown
  14. redheadmo

    redheadmo Guest

    Crown Princess - August 2008 to Scandinavia/Russia, flying to Copenhagen from UK.
  15. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    Dawn Princess 9/14/08 to Alaska r/t out of San Francisco.
  16. loulou

    loulou Guest

    Leaving on January 15th- Emerald Princess!
  17. conbert

    conbert Guest

    Has anyone done a 15 day cruise from LA to HI..wondering what the temps are like while at sea. We are leaving on the Diamond Princess 1/17/08. We have done several Caribbean cruises but this will be our first Pacific and we are very excited. We are celebrating our 40th anniversary!!! Wywould love to hear from somebody! Thanks!!
  18. kev

    kev Guest

    we did the 15 day hawaii last year, it was awsome. but u might want to bring a light jacket there were a few nights it got cool and windy especially when we were about half-way there. it got down to about (60 f) but it was the wind that made it cool.

    after the emerald group cruise was thinking about mexican riveira in november 2008
  19. conbert

    conbert Guest

    Thank you so much. We have done the Caribbean cruises and the days are so warm...even at sea. Not sure how warm the days will be so not sure of what to pack. We can hardly wait for this trip!! We are celebrating our 40th!!!! Our first Princess cruise, first time to HI.....thanks again!!
  20. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    I get to post again.

    and Wowee there are a bunch of folks with SUPER cruises booked!!..:thumb...enjoy everyone!!..

    .:grin we just booked a friends/ group Sapphire Princess Thanksgiving cruise for in 10 months.. it is an extra cruise before the Original Emerald Princess B/B in Feb '09.. Whoo hoo.. La to Cabo and back with super neat cruise buddies!!.. Life is good and we are blessed!!..:dance...Joanne

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