Ways to save money on internet fees on Celebrity



Ive seen several posts on how to deal with those ridiculous online access fees on Celebrity and wanted to make a few money saving suggestions. They ALL require that you have your own computer, but not necessarily your own network connections:

First. Let's face it. If you are using your computer to "surf the web" while your on cruise, take the first step, admit to yourself that you are a web-junky, and just look for those cyber cafes mentioned in other messages. However, if you are primarily in need of email, you can do a few things to keep the costs down and should not have to bother waisting your precious vacation time in cyber cafes.

The SUPER SIMPLE SOLUTION when you have your own computer:

For outgoing mail, pre-type up your messages in Word or some other word processor, offline. Do not connect to celbrity's network until you are actually ready to send the message, including your pics, Once you are ready to go, then get online, Copy (CTRL-C) and Paste (CTRL-V) the messages into either a your own web-browser email or the Outlook account that they provide to you and send. It should cost you only a few minutes to send several messages out.

If you will be repeatedly sending out a lot of emails to lots of people and they are mostly the same people, pre-type up all the email addresses, separated by commas or semi-colons (Outlook uses semi-colons), and save into a small, easy to access file. When you are ready to email, just bring up the file and copy and paste the list into the "To" box.

If you wish to send the same "ePostcard" to lots of people but want them to feel that their message is a personally written one, just for them (IE: theirs is the only name they see on the email), then send using the BCC option instead of TO: or CC: They will only see their email in the "TO" field.

If you have your own computer with WIFI, you may not have to pay that $25 a day for in room access (I've sent them an email on this question but have not yet heard back from them).

If you don't have WiFi but do have your computer, you may still be able to avoid those $25 fees by pre-typing up all your messages, loading up your pictures, etc. on your own computer and then copying the files onto a " USB Jump Drive".

To learn more about jump drives, just go to Amazon.com or Circuit City and ask about jump drives or flash drives. You can get a decent sized one for under $25. They work just like floppies, but hold much more and can be plugged into almost any kind of computer. Then you can go to the Internet Cafe, plug in the jump drive, get on the internet and send all your goodies to your friends and family in under 10 minutes! Alternatively, you can just use the jump drive to copy and paste messages using the Celebrity email account, which cost .75 per email.

If you are planning to RECEIVE a lot of emails, then you have a bit more to contend with, but can still save money. You MAY be able to remotely download all your email to that jump drive in the Internet cafe and then bring it all back to your own computer to reply to at your leisure, but that heavily depends on what email services your home carrier provides, specifically whether they have 'downloadable mail' through a web-browser (this is how I'm plannng to do it).


Email using CelebrityAtSea is $2.00 per ADDRESSEE not $0.75 per email. Leave your computer at home and forget about any emails that you might get a couple of days late. Just enjoy your vacation. If you MUST get an internet fix, use a land based cybercafe.


wow...pricey.. per email address? gees.... Well, hubby HAS to get on-line for the job, even while on vacation (he never is truly "away from it all") so hopefully the WIFI thing is true! Let us know if they answer you.


Actually I recall that one can use the line's computers for free for word processing. Then, yes, go online and just copy the text into the email there.

It was interesting that even when we were halfway between Hawaii and Ensenada, we could still get online.!!


From the way I read the Celebrity pricing policy, . . . it is $2.00 per outgoing EMAIL addresses and $2.00 per incoming EMAIL if you use their EMAIL server. I believe if you use a web based server (eg: yahoo, hotmail, etc.), then you are only charged for the internet access time – makes sense, they have no way of knowing if you are sending or receiving mail from a web based server.

I too read that you can use their computers free of charge if you are not connected to the internet, . . . and they have Office 'xx on them (which includes 'Word') so that you should be able to pre-type your messages and EMAIL addresses like was suggested. It is a great idea.

All that said, my wife and I have decided to bring along one of our laptops for EMAIL because we can hook up our digital camera, down load & down resolution a picture to make a true ePostCard to send home. We do plan on pre-writing our EMAILs though, . . . $45/hr is a bit excessive in my opinion for internet access.

Another thought for incoming EMAIL (assuming you are using a webased server) – cut and paste the EMAILs quickly into word – then get off the internet and format them and read them at you leisure. You should be able to do this with your on laptop or their computers (assume the ‘free none internet computer use’ is accurate)

Have a great trip!!!