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We are going to Alaska in June....

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by GloBug, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    How early do I have to be up to see a sunrise? 4am? How late is a sunset? Ha ha, I'll have to take a nap and set my alarm to see the sunset, huh?
  2. ute_fan

    ute_fan Guest

    We left Vancouver on 6/06. I took some beautiful sunset shots leaving Skagway. Our ship newsletter for that day has the sunset listed at 10:12, and my digital pictures are time-stamped at about 10:30. According to the newsletter, sunrise would have been at 3:49 that day (6/10), so, needless to say, I don't have any sunrise pictures!

    One comment on sunrise pictures -- most mornings when we woke up, about 7:30, it was quite foggy. On our way into Ketchikan, in particular, we hit a lot of fog the evening before, and could hear the fog horns going all night. Don't think you would have seen sunrise or sunset. We could see the fog bank from our balcony as we looked back down the passage.
  3. halfdome86

    halfdome86 Guest

    Take a photo of the sunset and then tell friends and family that it's a sunrise. On the open sea they look the same, right? :^)

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