We Booked!


Pete & Debbie

Just booked the Carnival Lengend to the Caribbean out of New York on June 22, 2003. Anyone else on this sailing? We are looking forward to the reviews from those that are lucky enough to sail her this fall. We have never sailed Carnival, anyone with pointers? We are travelling with our 13 yo son. Are their activities good? Any input appreciated.


Congratulations on the booking! I am going on my first Carnival cruise in 11 years this coming January so I will definitely let you know all about it when I post my review!


Congratulations. I sure hope the Legend is as great an experience for you as the Pride was for us. I just received a brief review personally from a woman in the UK who was on the Inaguaral cruise in Europe. Please keep the word Inagural in mind. This is why they offer cheap initial cruises to test the waters and staff. I would be glad to forward it to you. You may email me as mentioned above. Also, we have cruised 10 chips and 3 lines when we finally experienced the new Carnival Pride. We loved it. I would be glad to fill you in on our opinion vs. Celebrity, Princess and RCI.
Bon Voyage


We are on the Legend on June 30th with our 4 children. This will be our 1st Carnival cruise too.

Bob R.

We will be sailing on the Legend Sept. 10th 2003. We live in Jersey and I have always wanted to sail out of New York harbor. Last year we were on the Grand Princess on Sept 11th.. Needless to say it ruined our trip. Happy to say we will be sailing on the Grand in 12 days. She is a beautiful ship and we wanted to sail her again. Going back to our Legend cruise, sailing out of NY on the 10th will be bittersweet and very profound to me. To all you Legend cruisers, I hope you have the time of your lives, enjoy!


Just returned from from a Cruise on the Carnival Victory..loved every minute of it.

15 year old son, who was very reluctant to go on this cruise...at the end though it was the best vacation he ever had..met groups of teens to hang around with and had a blast.

if your sons like ours, you will never see him..there is just way too much to do.

Your will all have a great time


We've booked this cruise too. (6-30-03). My wife and I along with our 3 daughters, 19,17,& 12. We also are going alone on October 17,2002, for a cruise to nowhere letting us check out the Legend. This will be our first cruise. Hopefully this will give us an idea about life aboard an ocean liner. We probably have a lot to learn.