We lost Daddy about an hour ago



We lost Daddy early this morning.

Daddy developed a deadly infection called C-Diff. It is an infection of the intentestinal track that you get from antibiotics. With his pnomonias and the bladder infection that he battled and won, he was just too tired to fight this infection. And it wasn't caught in the early stages. They gave him the drugs which would help the infection but after 24 hours of worsening, he told my sister the pain was too much, he was too tired to please let him go. He was admitted to ICU yesterday morning just after midnight and by this morning he was in very bad shape and in very intense pain.

Paula and Joe called me, then made the decision to stop treatment, and a morphine ease was started. He didn't wake again, they held his hand and spoke to him throughout the day and night. We are comforted to know once the morphine was started his suffering ended. As he passed Paula reminded him that I was there with him in my heart. My siblings have all been by his bedside since he was admitted. They are doing OK, Paula was the one who has taken such great care of him, so for her while she knows they made the right decision, she is really in deep pain. I've been on the phone with her several times to give her my love and support. They are exhausted and have turned to me to help lead them in the funeral arrangements. I've asked them to gather in one place tomorrow, so that I can talk to them all together, and then I will go into the office for a short while and get the details in place for them.

Daddy was a very unconventional man, a man with a great sense of humor and a man with strengths he didn't even realize he had. I am heartbroken that he is gone from this life,, but I know someday we will once again be together and try to outdo one another with our jokes. Rest In Peace Daddy.


Do not grieve for him, for his suffering is no more. Do not grieve for yourself, for as long as you keep him in your memory, truly you have no loss. Grieve instead for us, that we never had the honor of knowing him as you have.... God Bless him, and you, in this difficult time.


Judy - I am so sorry to read this news about your father. My heart breaks for you and your family and I send you my deepest condolences. May you soon find peace in knowing that he is in a better place, and that one day you will be together again. =hugs


Oh Judy I'am so sorry for your loss.
You sure do have a full plate, my prayers continue for you & your family.

H2O babe

My sincere condolences to you and your family BJ. You are truly weathering some trials and tribulations right now. May you find comfort in knowing that others care. May you also have many happy memories of your Dad to help you through this grieving process. Hugs to you to help you through the next several days.



Judy my deepest sympathy t you. It is so hard to loose them but knowing they aren't facing the pain and were ready fr death is some relief. Hugs and Prayers for you.


Oh Judy, I am so sorry for your loss. He fought a hard battle and now he is at rest looking down on you all and always with you in your hearts. May you, your sister and brother find peace in these sad times.


I'm so sorry that your dad passed away this morning. Thankfully he is now at peace and yes, one day you will be united again.


Judy I was checking in to see how Mike was, so sorry to hear about your father. Knowing he's painfree and at peace will be a comfort one day -now I'm sure you're hurting.

Hugs from cyberspace.



Oh Judy, I am so sorry for your loss. Your Dad,you and your siblings put up one heck of a fight for his life. You all honored him when you let him go when he said he'd had enough. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you....but especially you, as I know you must feel so torn, being so far away. How wonderful of Paula to keep telling him that you held him in your heart....as we know you do and always will.

Many hugs.


Oh my gosh, Judy. I am so very sorry for your loss. This has truly been quite a few months for you. May he rest in peace and may you and your family be comforted by his loving memory. Prayers and hugs......:angel


Gosh Judy. You all put up a terrific fight for him. And in the end it was his choice to leave and join those who had passed before. He is now pain free. Now take care of you as he would have wished.

Alf & Liz


Judy, my heart is breaking for you. Your dad put up such a strong fight, that I know he was just too tired to go on. I am so sorry it ended like this, and I pray that you and your siblings, and the many more loved ones your dad was blessed with, will find joy in their memories of him they hold dear. When you meet with your family, be sure to talk about the fun times, and find time to laugh and rejoice in his memories.


I am truly sorry for all you have had to endure lately. I know you know that your dad is in a better place without pain and someday your pain on his loss will hopefully lessen.


Oh Judy, I was so sorry to see the heading of this thread. It is never easy but I know that you will come through this tough time. Try to take care of yourself as well as you take care of others.



Hi Judy,

So sorry to hear of his passing. Rocky and I send our condolences out to you and your family during this trying time.