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We Need a new home..."Big Cats Invade the Mariner, 9/12/04"

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by studMUFFin, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. woowoochick

    woowoochick Guest

    Well, I think I will start packing soon since I am off of work. No matter when I pack I'm sure I will forget something so might as well get it over with. I hope we find out which port we will be leaving from sometime today! It would be nice if RCCL would post something about our trip!
  2. terrellk11

    terrellk11 Guest

    Mmmmm . . . . pizza.
  3. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Hmmmm...............CRUISE :)
  4. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    Hi everyone, its Deck Diva here, on Cruise-Girls login. We spoke to our T.A. today and it seems that Rccl will make no decisions on our sailing until the 9th hour. At this time they have changed our itinterary but will not confirm which they are since they reserve the right to change them again. So basically we may not know until we board.

    People here in Orlando are freaking out about the storm even though we believe that if it comes on land on the west coast, even if it makes it to orlando it should be a cat 1 or at best a cat 2. I am sure you can imagine that people are already stressed out from the previous two storms and the news makes it sound like a cat 5 is hitting any minute. The news people really need to get a grip and stop putting the fear of God in people about this storm.

    Jim, I can't believe you still have no power.....You do not need to come to our house to help with the roof, you are in a much worse position than I am. No electricity is like cutting off the circulation to my breathing.....When I went through Andrew we were without power for two weeks and it was worse than going through the category 4 hurricane. The roof repairs are not devestating, I am sure we can handle it. If you want to come to socialize than by all means come on down and bring your laundry with you...

    Our T.A. says we should call her tomorrow afternoon to see if there are any updates.

    I will keep you informed.......

  5. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Jim, I hope you get power soon! Deck Diva, I hope you get your roof fixed soon!

    I HOPE to see EVERYONE SAT!!!!
  6. terrellk11

    terrellk11 Guest

    Update was posted a little while ago on the RCI website - we are officially departing from Miami now (thereby destroying THE CURRENT PLAN as described the other day) and it will be departing at 5 pm sharp to get out to sea before Ivan gets in. Two minutes after reading the post, I got a call from RCI informing me of the change and letting me know that they will be changing my flight either to an earlier flight or to a flight directly into Miami.

    Where the hell are you Gramps? Planning on posting the results anytime today?
  7. Guess it's Miami. From rccl site:

    "REVISED: Mariner of the Seas, normally scheduled to depart Port Canaveral Sunday, September 12, on a seven-night sailing, will now make that sailing from the Port of Miami. The ship will delay its departure from the Port of Miami until 5 p.m., local time, Sunday. The ship will sail its normal itinerary and return to the Port of Miami on Sunday morning, September 19. Royal Caribbean will transport guests from Port Canaveral and the Orlando airport to the Port of Miami for this sailing. Guests are requested to arrive at Port Canaveral or the Orlando airport no later than 12:30 p.m. on Sunday. The company also will return guests to those locations at the conclusion of this sailing. Due to Hurricane Ivan, port calls are subject to change."

    Is everyone still staying at the Rad and shuttling to Miami? Or staying at Rad and driving to Miami?


    Oops, was typing at same time as Ken !
  8. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Well, it looks like there may be less people at Grills on Sat! I am on the phone with our TA too see if we can change our flights!
  9. Dan, let me know if your TA lets you do that without penalty....

    GOOD BYE WORK! I'M ON MY WAY HOME RIGHT NOW :grin.. vacation starts ... NOW!
  10. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    My TA says that there was a $130/pp to change the tickets NOT including the increase in ticket cost! I am on hold with AA now!
  11. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Nancy, I am not gonna change the tickets! It isn't worth it! AA said it would be $111/pp! They can't change the city just the time!
  12. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest

    Hey y'all,

    I will have to keep this short, I have to go get Arrielle. I will post some more once we get back. It might be a good idea if we all check into chat tonight to discuss plans.

    Porky, I tried to check in before I left this morning, but the boards were down. With Anne standing over me, I weighed in officially this morning at 224 lbs. Unfortunately, that is also 16 lbs...the same as you. You have no idea how hard it is for me to not change that # to a 17. Needless to say, we do have a tie and a tie should be broken.... so I will flip

    Coin is up in air...
    I call heads...
    Sorry you lost...

    Talk to you all when I get back.
  13. woowoochick

    woowoochick Guest

    OK, so Ken and George have a tie in the weight loss. I think that means they should both buy all the rest of us drinks at each port!

    I will try to check into chat tonight to find out what everyone's plans are now that we are going in and out of Miami.
  14. woowoochick

    woowoochick Guest

    OH, I better start packing now or I won't make that plane. I've been trying to pack all day!
  15. woowoochick

    woowoochick Guest

    Well, I can delay packing for a little while - After all there are only 6 more posts until the next milemarker.
  16. woowoochick

    woowoochick Guest

    :) anyone out there?
  17. woowoochick

    woowoochick Guest

    Don't forget to chat tonight if you can. Anyone who can't make it to chat with also owe drinks at each port
  18. woowoochick

    woowoochick Guest

    Jim - because you don't have power I will let you slide if you don't make it to chat
  19. woowoochick

    woowoochick Guest

  20. woowoochick

    woowoochick Guest

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