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We Need a new home..."Big Cats Invade the Mariner, 9/12/04"

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by studMUFFin, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. terrellk11

    terrellk11 Guest

    I'd say we could wrestle for it, but I wouldn't want to risk injuring you - I hear old men have issues with brittle bones and wouldn't want to break your hip on the first day of the cruise.

    Sounds to me like we're stuck with a tie unless someone has a better option. With the five drinks contributed to the pot by our good friend Greg, that makes for two and a half drinks each. I'd propose that he owes us each two and that he keep the fifth one - he did lose 10 pounds trying to keep up with the real men here (sorry Greg - couldn't resist taking the shot). Either that or the fifth drink should be replaced with an ice cream concoction (shake, sundae or whatever other treat meets her fancey) from Jonny Rockets for Arrielle.

    As for plans, we have not yet received our follow-up call from RCI with the new flight times. I'll post as soon as I hear anything from them and will be checking in often in the meantime. Please everyone stay safe and before you know it we'll be sipping those (free for some) tropical drinks somewhere in the Caribbean.

  2. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest


    Whatever you decide is fine with me, but I will be buying you both a drink. It was a win-win for me no matter how the bet turned out. A little over a month ago I was going to have to purchase a few larger items for my wardrobe. Now, not only did I not have to buy any larger clothes, but my current wardrobe is super loose. So it is I who looks forward to buying you both a drink; had it not been for this bet, I would not have lost all this weight. With that said...ummmm pizza!
  3. woowoochick

    woowoochick Guest

    Sheree - I hope you check in soon. I know you also rented a car from Budget and was curious if you are going to change your drop off to Miami or will you be taking the shuttle. I called Budget and they told me there was no change in price to drop off the car in Miami but the closest drop off to the port is 2 miles away. They will not shuttle you to the port so you would have to take a taxi. Any thoughts about changing hotels for Saturday night? I'm confused.....not sure what to do. What is everyone else doing?
  4. 4evercruzin

    4evercruzin Guest

    Woo Woo,
    We are driving early Sunday morning to the port. Just hope RCCL returns there. I kinda need my vehicle.

  5. WooWoo, are you gonna be in chat? Anyone else? Yea, where is Sheree?

    Dan, that's what United told me about switching to a different destination, so I'm heading for Orlando Sat too. Am staying with Barb, as originally planned about 6 months ago LOL... before we switched to RJ's! Still plan on doing Grills Sat night...

    Is it still Grills? That hasn't changed has it?

  6. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest

    Hey y'all,

    We cancelled our reservation coming back for two reasons...

    1) You have to cancel you reservation 48 hours in advance with Budget or get charged.
    2) RCL will take you to either Orlando Airport or Port Canaveral, so why pay for a rental car?

    Besides, do you really think your going to want to drive that far after getting off the ship? Let them do the driving and take a nap.
  7. 4evercruzin

    4evercruzin Guest

    I would like to know if these shuttles have bathrooms and airconditioners. I have TB (tiny bladder).

  8. woowoochick

    woowoochick Guest

    Yes Nancy - I'm going into chat now
  9. 4evercruzin

    4evercruzin Guest

    I think we should all take the shuttle. Why drive if you don't have to. Let RCCL do the driving.

  10. Well Hello ALL...
    Sure was nice to get eleceric after 5 days ... but I had no cable :( called cable Co.... they said someone would be out monday ... yeah right .. I will be cruising Monday.. so I had to climb the pole and hook it up my self ... what a site ,,,this fat guy up a pole in the rain with 100ft. of new cable and a pair of plyers fixing the cable.... but I got it and I am on line ....
    Orlando Girls call me as soon as you can please .. :) need some info from you :)
    check back later I have to read all the messages I missed
  11. Evening all...

    I'll check back to see if anyone's still going to be going to Grill's...if not, I'll see all of the tomorrow nite group soon..the rest of you, miss out on meeting me - - but all for the best of course, you'd miss me terribly on the cruise (maybe for a minute at least right?!!)!! RAT BASTARDS.

    Girls - - are you sick of hearing about food deprivation and weight loss from these guys? We are the CARB QUEENS and we should not feel bad one bit that while they suffered through lack of calories, while we indulged in pastries, chocolate, spa appointments, no exercise, snacking, etc. etc. JK. Seriously though, if everyone had seen the ongoings of the Orlando Fab 5 this past weekend during Frances...oy. SNACKS IS GOOD.

    Okay...so, g'nite all. I'm off to check the National Hurricane Center's site before bed...

    SWEET DREAMS...lol...

  12. ROBnFL74

    ROBnFL74 Guest

    If anyone is interested....

    I am on the 9/12/04 sailing of the Mariner of the Seas. I have decided to drive to Miami on Saturday night and spend the night there and board directly in Miami.

    I was able to find a great rate on a hotel right near the port. I hope it is not a violation to share this with everyone!

    http://www.avalonparktravel.com and from there under hotels I clicked on Hotwire hotels. The hotel listed for $58.00 in Downtown Miami is the Doubletree Grand Hotel.

    What a beautiful property! It looks great.

    I'll see you on the Mariner on the 12th! I wonder where we are going? A rep at RCCL told me we may be doing an Eastern Itinerary.

  13. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    Hey guys - I was getting my manicure/pedicure. Our plan is to stay at the Radisson both nights, go to Grills Saturday night, return the car in Port Canaveral Sunday morning and head to the port. Then we'll leave the driving to RCCL, and we also plan to cancel our rental car for Sunday when we return. I probably won't check in again before we go. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!! Sheree
  14. ROBnFL74 -- of course we care! Great idea. I tried to change my flight from MCO to Miami but no luck . some of us will be at Viking Crown Lounge after boarding. Please feel free to join us :)

    Sheree, looks like we'll meet at Grills...

    When we meet, maybe we can pick a time/place to meet Sun AM... and CATS/ PARROTHEADS get their own bus!!!?????? LOL!

  15. Hi All...
    I was still planning on meeting at Grills on Sat. night unless something has changed??
    Think we will have a blast :)
  16. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    At Grills on Satnight, we should try and plan to get a PARROTHEAD/BIG CAT bus! That would be fun!

  17. ROBnFL74

    ROBnFL74 Guest

    Has Grills reopened? Has anyone checked? With the port officially still closed, it may not be open!

    If anyone decides to go to Miami as well (like me) on Saturday night so that you can board the ship early on Sunday, let me know!

  18. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest

    OK folks,

    This is it for us, we will be leaving for the airport at 3:30 am, so I have to get some shut eye. So, with that said....however your mode of transportation, planes...trains...automobiles, take it slow and be safe. See you all over the next few days.

    Good night now!
  19. 4evercruzin

    4evercruzin Guest

    Regina told me the shuttles have AC and bathrooms and show a movie. Of course, I don't think anyone will be paying attention to the movie. I really don't care when we get there as long as we get there. RCCL won't leave us on their bus UNLESS port authorities say Ivan is a threat. Some ships left PC at 10:00 with Charley and 2:00 with Frances.

    DD is going to take us to Grills and pick us up whenever we so decided. She is also going to take us to the port and pick us up.

    I think it is a great idea to get on the same bus. Look forward to meeting you!

    Congrats on the hotel find!
  20. ROBnFL74

    ROBnFL74 Guest

    Does anyone know where we will be sailing to?

    One rep at RCCL says we will only go to Labadee and Cozumel and that the other two stops will be days at sea. Another rep told me that we will likely do an Eastern itinerary. The last one I spoke to said that "they know where they are going, but can not announce that until Sunday because ports are subject to change".

    It's very confusing! The reason I ask - my friend who is traveling with me works for a local television station here in Orlando, Florida. They cancelled his vacation for next week because of the impending Hurricane. (They require everyone to be there for events like this.) They told him to pack, etc as normal, and on Sunday he has to call them. If the storm still looks like it will affect us here in Orlando (like the previous two), he will have to stay for the storm. If the storm looks like it will go out to sea and not be an affect, he can go. But, if he does have to stay for the storm, they will fly him to meet the ship at whatever port of call it is at on Wednesday (after the storm passes on Tuesday - the currently projection). I called RCCL and they advised me that they WOULD allow him to board in any port.

    My problem is - are we going to be going to ports of call? That's the huge question right now. It's my major concern and I'm trying to be sure that there will be someplace on Wednesday (or in the worst case senario Thursday) that he can join us.



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