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We Need a new home..."Big Cats Invade the Mariner, 9/12/04"

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by studMUFFin, Sep 27, 2003.


  2. terrellk11

    terrellk11 Guest

    Just posting quickly to say that Kerry and I got home safe and sound. The trip back was (thankfully) much less eventful than the hellish journey to get to the ship in Miami. We've just finished unpacking and eating dinner and I sense an early bedtime for me to try and sleep this cold off. I hope that you all had a safe trip home and look forward to hearing from all of you.

    I have to say that part of me still can't believe the cruise is over. And yes, I do feel like my chair is rocking with the tides at the moment and probably will for several days.


    Yogini - If you don't think that anything out of control or crazy happened this cruise, then the girls haven't told you the whole story yet. I had a few moments this trip that were AT LEAST as over the top as drunken karaoke, if not much worse (and much more likely to ruin any chance at a future career in politics).
  3. Hello All :)

    We made it home Ok.. we are all tired and hungry.. but I can`t seem to find the dinning room... and the cabin stewart hasn`t turned my bed down yet..???

    THANK YOU to everyone ..each and everyone of you had added something special to my family`s cruise experince..

    YOGINI... tell the Girls to fill you in.............. I am sure you haven`t heard the best part of thr cruise
  4. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    Hey guys - we're home! We ended up renting a car to kill a few hours between leaving the ship and getting to the airport. Had lunch and they had the nerve to present us with a check. Get this - they actually expected us to pay! But at least the waiter was good with the refills!

    Hope you all are home safely or at least almost there. We had a blast and you all added to our adventures. Yogini - we really wished that you were there - Greg and I thought about you on the ship and said that we hope we get to cruise with you next year.

    I'll check in tomorrow between loads 8 and 9 of laundry.

    Glad to be home, but miss you all already! Sheree (and Greg who is unloading his laundry on the utility room floor so I have something to do during the Emmys.....)
  5. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest

    Hey y'all,

    Just got home ourselves, managed to get a stand by flight out of Orlando at 11:00...I guess it paid to get of first thing this morning. Like everyone else, I am exhausted and hungry, so I will keep this short until tomorrow.
  6. islander

    islander Guest

    I'm so glad to hear all of you have returned home safely. Glenn and I are leaving in two weeks for the Marniner. How was your journey to the ship? Did you have rough seas and did you get to see all the ports? Sorry for all the ?? but we only have 14 days, wait 13 days and so many minutes. But who is counting??!! :jump:jump:lol

    Welcome home=bigwave
  7. Hi all! Thanks for bringingl me such good-luck! :wave!

    On a funky TV internet connection here at Wyndham Orlando, but wanted to check in. Will be riding the rides and seeing the sights at Universal tomorrow and Tuesday. Home Wed/work Thurs.

    This thing is not cooperating ... talk to you all soon .. thanks for sharing a great vacation!

  8. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Hey All!!!! I am glad that we finally met! We had a BLAST-&-A-HALF!!! You all seemed like a great group of people! I wish I was still on the Mariner! I miss it! I hope one day that we can "invade" another ship in the future!

    Have a good night to all!
  9. John

    John Guest

    Welcome Home BIG CATS! I look forward to hearing all about your cruise. HOT!

    Okay guys - - I forgot, the girls did tell me about the Quest game!! THAT was good stuff!

    I see George started another thread...I think I'll go sneak a peak at that.

    Loretta (DeckDiva's sister) and I are discussing a cruise next year in March - - not a Big Cat cruise, but a vacation nonetheless. We shall see.

    Have a great week all. I'm off to work. Eww.

  11. DeckDiva

    DeckDiva Guest

    Good Morning,

    I am glad to see everyone made it home safe and sound...WooWoo where are you and Mr. WooWoo....

    It was such a pleasure sailing with our Cats and meeting all of our new Cats...We had such a wonderful time with all of you. Jim said it best when he said each person made our experience on this cruise special. Even with all the inconvenience of getting on the ship, once we boarded, a fantastic vacation and adventure began because of the people we sailed with.

    We hope we can sail again next year but more importantly, we must keep in touch. Yogini, where is the new thread?

    Jim, Bill, Greg and George again thank you for the repairs to the roof, the inspector came today and is writing a new estimate....Jim you have clout and I appreciate it.

    P.S. Poor Yogini had a hard time with our babies, it turned out that when we are away they are not the sweet innocent babies we think they are. Max chewed purses and Molly rang the bell constantly even though she never had to pee......Yogini got a total of 9 hours sleep in three days...She was a trooper though and even had a smile when we arrived at home......If it were me I would have probably been at the door with a knife...lol. I hope to God by next year they are calmed down or I will have to drug them indefinitely.

    We will check back later this afternoon....We are going to take down wood from the store so we can be back in business.......
  12. woowoochick

    woowoochick Guest

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to check in and let everyone know we made it home too! The flight home was great and it was wonderful to see my dogs. Other than that, I wish I was back on the ship. Glad to see so many Big Cats made it back home safely.

    Sheree - I heard Ohio was getting pounded by rain again. I hope that you are dry.

    Yogini - The Quest was so funny! I really wish I had that on video.

    Now, I have to go start laundry - YUCK
  13. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    Ok - I am checking in a little earlier than expected - between loads 4 and 5. And, I've got a bit of that sinus thing that everyone seemed to have (Ken, Kerry, Bill, Denise, Greg....now my turn!). Good thing I had the day off because after drugging up last night, I am a bit groggy today!

    We came home to 2 cats that couldn't have given us more love when we got home. Usually they are a little PO'd, but this time they are giving us tons of affection. Every time I woke up to the sound of Greg's hacking cough, Bernie, our oldest cat, was purring next to my shoulders. She's usually the one who is less forgiving, but last night and today she could not be more lovable! The younger one is lovable all the time and is getting mad at me for knocking her off my lap as I try to type really quick.

    Came home to some sad news - the father of one of the firefighters died when we were gone. Greg's pager went off last night with an announcement about the father's wake, so Greg had to call a couple of the guys to see what happened. He's at the funeral this morning. The guy was only in his 50's. Greg and the other guys are in their dress uniforms and headed to the funeral on the ladder truck as I type this.

    OK - need to say something funny to end on a higher note - hmmm....after checking e-mail last night (Greg and I combined had almost 500 - thank God for Spam Guard because we deleted 400 of them right off the bat), I checked on prices for the Mariner for next year. We'd really like to cruise with everyone next year and we are going to consider every option. We've never cruised with a group of people before but this really added another dimension to the cruising experience. It was nice to have friends to sit with and to meet at places off the ship too - like Margaritaville and Carlos and Charlies. We'd really like to do it again.

    Good luck with getting caught up at home - and be sure to keep posting! Sheree
  14. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    One more thing - just saw something in the old neighborhood where "airlinerob" who sailed with us had his digital camera stolen early on in our cruise, and he's requesting photos of the ship. If you don't mind - it sounds like he'd appreciate any good pictures you may have to share.
  15. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Sheree, sorry to hear the sad news about the father of the firefighter :(

    Airlinerob was on our cruise? I don't think I had the chance to meet everyone from the boards on our cruise!

    For those whom I did meet, you all were great people!!!
  16. DeckDiva

    DeckDiva Guest

    Sheree, I am sorry to hear about the man who died. It is always diffucult when someone dies so young. Please send Greg our best.

    I am glad to hear your cats were so happy to have you home......Molly was happy to see us but you could tell she was a bit furious.....

    Dee's baby Daisy was really mad, she has yet to say hello to me....When they came over last night to see the video she kept walking right past me and when she left no kiss goodbye. I guess she thinks it's all my fault....lol

    I will check my photo's but I do not think I have many of just the ship. For some reason this trip I took much less photo's than usual.

    Have a great day.
  17. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Has anyone posted a review yet?

    George, did you start a new post/thread? I thought I read that you did! Where is the new thread?
  18. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    Hi again - now I am really on load 9 of laundry!

    Woowoo - forgot to respond to your comment about the rain. It's a beautiful day here. The sky is bright blue and it's around 70 today. I think the rain and flooding is in the southern part of the state near the KY/WV border. We're just fine here! In fact the whole week is forecasted to be in the 70's with sunshine, so hopefully that holds true.

    Greg just got home a bit ago and said that about 15 firestations with firefighters in dress uniforms were at this funeral. The man who died was a volunteer firefighter in one town (died at his full-time job of a heart attack) but the son that works with Greg is a full-time firefighter. It had to be touching for the family to see the support of so many people in the profession.

    Jim - I was watching Judge Judy a while ago and realized I never heard your story that you promised to tell during the cruise. Was I not in the right place at the right time, or did you not share?

    Regarding the pets - aren't they funny while we are away? A whole bunch of stuff was knocked over in the utility room, so someone was climbing while we were gone. And all of the bedding was all ruffled up on the beds so I had the feeling that they were diving under the covers while we were gone! Hey, what's another 3 loads of bedding when you have to do 10 loads of clothes anyway???

    Hope you are all settling and getting used to buffet withdrawls......Sheree
  19. Hi all..

    Ok I have the "bug" now... can`t breath, stuffed up nose, killer headache,... just took some meds . hope I feel better soon ..

    You must have missed the Judge Judy story. I told it one night at dinner .. if I get time I will type it up for you :)

    I need to get some rest . Talk later
  20. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    I am one of the lucky ones! I didn't get the "bug" YET!

    My only problem is the LACK OF CRUISING! DARN :(

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