We Need a new home..."Big Cats Invade the Mariner, 9/12/04"



Hi guys - Jim, great pictures from formal night. Doris and Kerry, glad to see you are posting! Good luck with the new job Kerry - I'm sure you'll be doing just great! Hope everyone gets over whatever cold things (vs cold thingys, which would be a good thing) you all have. I just have a drippy throat and nose. Greg has a dry hacking cough. Were you all thinking we should stop posting on this post and just post on the new one now? Or is that other post just for deciding on next year's cruise? Oh well - gotta get a few things done tonight before Father of the Pride is on. Has anyone caught that show yet? I thought it was hysterical! Catch it if you can - Sheree


First, the "ba-dum-bum/ching" comment:

"We're Big Cats, how can we possibly "dog" anyone!?!"

ROF-notLMAO heh! Eeeeeeeeee the cat nip has gone to my head! (Or maybe it was all that hot mustard at P.F. Changs! YUMMY!)

Anywho...seriously though...

Maybe because you came into a place you weren't invited, made an unsolicited comment (apparently just to be rude) and basically annoyed the group of great folks we have here. If you didn't like it - - you didn't have to come in. And then, you didn't have to come in and poop on our thread. Everyone around here is pretty nice; and they have only added positive comments and helpful information. If you had read the bulk of this thread, you'd have hopefully figured out the tone of this group. Your negativity was not called for and not appreciated. Thus, the "dogging". heh. Everyone is entitled to their opinion - but we don't all care to hear it.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Much love to you all and good nite.

(Oh and George, if we're moving again, am I driving the moving van again or what????)



Ignore him.......he'll go away. I don't mind you posting like crazy Big Cats. I've enjoyed a lot it and can't wait to get more details.......I also love the pictures in the gallery.

Your welcome here anytime but Tim when your in someone else's sandbox please play nicely.


Today was a tough day - I had to go back to work. I don't know how everyone that went back to work yesterday did it.

Jim - your pictures from formal night are great. But then how could you go wrong with such a good looking group?

Sheree - Sorry to hear about the death of the firefighter's father. I'm sure that was hard on Greg.

Kerry - Good luck with the new job tomorrow. I hope it is everything you want it to be.

I hope everyone who caught the bug is feeling better!


Good Morning All....

Kerry, I see the cat in you can't stay hidden any longer :lol Going away again this weekend....you two don't stop do you? Have a great time and we hope Doogie is all better for the trip!

Sheree had a great idea that we should all start posting on the new thread. Let's see how many posts we can get this year.

Georgia...how was your cruise? I will send you an email as soon as I can get settled long enough to write one. We had a great time but certainly missed you and Stan!

Let's just ignore the little unhappy fellow Tim. This is sad and embarrassing enough for him!

Jim, hope you are feeling better.

Well let's go to the new thread.... :wave


Cruise-girl............send me an email!!!!! I have been dying to chat with you!!!!!!!! My bag you sent came is sooooooo handy dandy on the cruise. Thanks so much for thinking of us. I'll be waiting for your email.



Hello all you big cats!
I decided after meeting you all that I would stop in and say hi. Tom and I had a great time meeting you all and spending time with you on the cruise. You are all very nice and fun people. Although we started out on the parrotheads page we have really enjoyed meeting all you big cats too. I hope that we can all cruise together again sometime.

Most of you may know that in the past I was not a big cruise fan. The cruise with all you guys has helped change my mind. I had a great time. Although I must say that I did let my hair down a bit more on this cruise than ever before. You all just made me feel very comfortable and like I was with old friends instead of new ones. I really appreciate that.

I am sure that there may be some pictures that George and Nancy posted that I might regret but I will never regret the fun I had getting to that state of mind. I can not seem to get the pictures to come up on our computer. Just a big blank blue page that says Cruise critics is all I can get to show up. So if there are some that I might need to see please email them to me.

Thanks for the great time!


Hey Regina.....so glad you decided to join us. I knew you had cat in you!

Dan we have moved to the new thread......post there.