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We Need a new home..."Big Cats Invade the Mariner, 9/12/04"

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by studMUFFin, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. Ok now that the broke u-haul got here and Cheeky gave us the bad news... I hope we can all keep this cruise together.. Cheeky I do understand why you can`t go, Maybe we can get your Rabbi to cruise with us??? I am planning to book around friday as long as nothing changes between now and than .
    Check Back Later
  2. aagglaser

    aagglaser Guest


    So sorry you won't be able to make it, but I fully understand why. Did you ever think about posting on all the boards and the Grand Cayman board of tourism to see if maybe you can get some more insight. I'm going to write to the Tourism board and see what I can find out. I'm sure that you would not be the only one on all of Grand Cayman that would be celebrating Rosh Hashanah . With a little research, and a lot of prayer, we will find a way for you and Phizer to be with us. Give me a little time to work on this.
  3. Cheeky - "did it ever work for the community" - HUH!!???!! If you're referring to your "secret place" - I followed the instructions and supposedly I'm set to go, but I can't find the website to actually join in a "chat"...is that clear? I don't know, I sent you an e-mail about that. If I need to, I'll explain further. I guess just an invite at chat time will work, I don't know. Should we be setting up a time for the group? Let me know.

    George - I personally want to say thank you to you for all your hard work. And now the research for Cheeky - you really rock!! :)

    Anyway, it's Sunday, so back to work tomorrow - ewww!!!

    Until later...Namaste. Yogini :)
  4. aagglaser

    aagglaser Guest


    Decided to get started on it tonight. I have three emails out and I found this...

    The Jewish Community of Cayman Islands
    POB 72, Grand Cayman
    Tel. 949 4670

    Hope it gets you started.

  5. aagglaser

    aagglaser Guest

  6. Cheeky... I have been looking and the only news I can find is bad news I am sad to say..

    Christianity remains the predominant religion of the Cayman Islands. Today our population of about 40,000 enjoys a choice of more than 90 churches in this tiny country - including thirteen churches on Cayman Brac and a tiny Caymanian style Baptist church on Little Cayman. In addition, a variety of religious fellowships and associations have strong support from the community, including the Full Gospel Businessmen's fellowship, Youth for Christ, Women Aglow, Gideons and Keswick, which work with local churches. At this time, there is no synagogue or regular services for those of the Jewish Faith in Cayman....

    But I will keep looking........ this info I got was from the tourisim site
  7. aagglaser

    aagglaser Guest

    Look 3 posts up, there is a Jewish Community in Grand Cayman, they should have services.
  8. George ...
    I saw that and I hope they have services.. I am still looking :0
  9. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    I might have found something too - I did a google search on "synagogue+Grand Cayman" and came up with something on a dedication of Temple Beth Shalom in December 2002. It's mentioned on www.gotocayman.com/gcmn2002.htm. Maybe it's worth checking out further. That's all for now folks - Cheeky, I hope this can somehow work out - you are definitely one of the people I was most interested in meeting! But if it doesn't, I certainly understand and respect your priorities.
  10. Good Morning Big Cats
    I hope everyone is doing well today..
    and I hope we get everyone from cruise critics to come over here.. I don`t want to leave anyone behind
    check back later
  11. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    Okay so now that we have all moved in......I THINK SOMEONE FORGOT THE CHAMPAGNE!!!

    Cheeky......I was going to express my sadness on you and Phizer not joining us but it seems that the Big Cats are on this one and they just might solve this problem and find you a place to worship for your new year!!! That would be fantastic so you all can still sail with us!! I CAN JUST FEEL THE LOVE IN THIS NEW HOME!! Now what secret place??

    George....well this is where it all began so let's hope they keep us!! I told Chris that it was weird not talking to you all for a couple of days....tell Princess Arrielle and Anne we said hello. Princess Arrielle should be receiving her package today or tomorrow. She will have another one by Friday.

    Baby Love......I just love that!!....Well I have to tell you that we viewed the video again, for Chris' sister and it gets more hysterical everytime we view it!! Oct. 12th it is....we will send you directions as it gets closer. Tell Bubba, BobbySue and Sara we said hello.

    Georgia Gang....can't believe that Rae is still sick...poor thing!! Kay...we have to make sure on this next cruise we get that poker game in.....I am going to have the girl practice with me so at least I can play!! Michelle...have you heard anything on Stan getting the time off?

    Well all I have to get to work.....I will be back.... NICE DIGS....
  12. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    Okay....I have to test the new clock...here it goes....
  13. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    What happened George.....
  14. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    New test......
  15. miss_m30519

    miss_m30519 Guest

    Heyyyyyyyyyyy Denise!!!

    Where have you been? Missed all your post. Are you all booked yet?

  16. Morning Mariner Cruisers!! It's a Monday! The boss will be around today :)~ so I just wanted to stop in a say "Hi"!!

    Cruise-girl, pass the champagne over here...

    Yogini :)
  17. Cheeky

    Cheeky Guest

    You guys FREAK me out!

    I can't believe I gave up hope before you did... I told Phizer about it this morning, and he's gobsmacked... It's actually shocking.

    Ok, guess I better get ON THE JOB; I owe as much effort to this as you've all put in. Thanks for the kick in the butt...

    Even if this doesn't work out, I'll never forget what you've done for us.
    Thank you.
    xoxo Cheeky
  18. Cheeky

    Cheeky Guest

    Ok, maybe it's cause I'm in a panic here .... but does anyone have contact info for RCCL?
    I went to their website and I can't find anything ...
    I was gonna start at step 1, and ask them for High Holiday information, or if they have a rabbi on board.

    Again, I'm sure it's cause I'm in a panic ...
    Sorry to ask for more
    xoxo Cheeky
  19. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Hey ya'll !!!! Good afternoon. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Nothing much here except for beautiful weather!!! Made miami-vices Saturday nite which turned out wonderful but it just ain't the same when your sippin' them from the ship on the lido deck. Sunday took a stroll out on the boat. Lake was a little breezy but a nice day for boating. We still have not heard anything about Stan's time off yet Denise. I guess he will ask a the right place at the right time. His boss just hates for him to take time off.....he is soooooo needed at his job, LOL!!!!! Anyway, there is still hope. I sure hope everyone is doing good. Well.......glad we all found a NICE place to chat with really NICE people. No attitudes over here!!!!! I'll check back with you all later........Michelle.
  20. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Too damn many of ya to kick out, so you might as well dig in...............

    Welcome Aboard

    I think the only thing we would ask of you is don't dwell on where you
    came from, at least on the public forums, and we ask that of all those
    that come here, no matter where they come from.

    You are welcome to, and we encourage you to wander through some of
    the other forums and see what is offered and feel free to jump in and share,
    be it the RCI forum, or the Community Board, the Community Board is a
    melting pot and catch all but if a cruising subject is brought up it will
    not want for answers.

    Most of all "Have Fun"

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