We Need a new home..."Big Cats Invade the Mariner, 9/12/04"



Well......I can just feel the LOVE from all the Big Cats!!! Thank you all so much for the Birthday wishes......I will have you know I am feeling quite FABULOUS AT 40!!

YC...welcomed me to work this morning with a beautiful cupcake and a candle...and let's not forget the danish from Charlie's Bakery...which is MY FAVORITE!!! Let's not forget the woman essential.....a Bath And Body Works Gift Card....WOOOOO HOOOOO.....YC...you are the BOMB!! She spoils me!!

I am feeling really good today......now down to business......HOLES IN SHEETS....SHEEP.....I just knew you were crazy Cheeky!!! Got to love it!!

Princess Arrielle....thank you so much for that special Birthday wish.....you can call me at the Cris-Dee Fashions number if you would like....George...I will be there as of 5:30EST....I think that id 2:30 your time. I will give Princess Arrielle my home number at that time if she still wants it.

Wow....who is BOB? He must be derranged like us to put that invitation forward.....would someone just move the entire thread to there? Will they not boot us off? It would be good to get the exposure but I hope Bob realizes that we will be chatting for almost a year!!

Baby Love.......Scout Leader...you are very versatile...hmmmm...this is a good thing....

I will check in later.....off to enjoy my Birthday....


Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday TO You
Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And many moooooooooooooooooooooooooore!

Those are the cats in the neighbourhood, howling at my singing!
(Can't be worse than "Baby Love", though)

Check in later
xoxo Cheeky

PS: George, I've got all that info you sent me and I'm on the job. Just that things have been hectic around here figuring some stuff out about the other 358 days of the year.

PPS: It's spelled OY VEY! lol

PPSS: Phizer has finally agreed to the hole in the sheet. I said I would provide the sheet, cut the hole, sew the hole. He just has to be there. He says: Fine, I'll do it to humour you. JUST MAKE THE HOLE BIG ENOUGH!

MEN! OY VEY! lol

xoxo later


Thanks Cheeky....and thank the neighborhood cats for me to.....Nothing...I mean Nothing can be worse than our attempt at BABY LOVE!!

Phizer...you are such a sport!!


Okay - I posted earlier and it apparently didn't stick...so from what little memory I have left, I now have to recreate my original hilariously funny post - JK - LOL!!

Bob - I HATE clowns - please remember this on MY birthday - lol!

Dawn - I didn't know how to spell oy vey either so I didn't use it previously - too funny! I also don't know how to spell...sorry for this horrible attempt, but here goes...kvelting...another "coffee talk-ism". hee hee

Cheeky - I think it's great that Phizer is willing to give the "sheet sex" a try for you! Um, George was really good at video-ing the "baby love" incident so if you need a camera man, he is good at laughing while filming, and I'm sure the Big Cats would enjoy your sharing the moment with us all!! LOL! (See this is where I need one of this smileys from the other place that had the big eyes bugging out - lol!!)

Anyway, Cruise-girl and I have had breakfast pastries, a filling lunch and there's cake on the way tonite! I feel like I could pop! OY VEY!!

Until later...Yogini :)


Hey Kitties. I FOUND YOU!!!! Gosh it feels good to talk to you guys again.

Hi Yooooggggiiiii!!!!!!

The Hounds wanted me to tell all of you hello. Please come visit us sometimes.


Now that will be an interesting video. OK- change of subject: hee hee

Hi Little Red!!! Glad you found us.

I'm a woman of few words. ta ta


Hello everybody,

Well I finally made it!! You guys are so amazing, I'm gobsmacked. Cheeky and I cant believe the effort you have all put in, so we can be with you next year. Yogi, you crack me up!!! When I have some time, I'll teach you some other choice words, words which will certainly help you in later life.

Anyway, boss is loitering; so I better get my head down, and my tochus up!!!

cheers, and thanks again.


P.S. Tell cheeky, the sheet must be cotton; polyester gives me a rash!!!!

Deck Diva

Okay, this group has gotten way out of wack.....I thought only Hassitic Jews had sex through a hole in the sheet? Cheeky, a sheet fettish???lol, I'm dying. I keep saying tbis Cheeky but you are one lucky chick....Now you have Phizer agreeing to have sex through a hole in the sheet, whats next? Forget I asked that question. lol

I am so sure RCCL is not ready for this group....

Cheeky, did you confirm that there will be a service on the ship?

Kay, how is Rae feeling? Any word on Stan's time off for next year?

Jim (Baby Love) as Dee stated earlier we watched the video again and we laughed so hard and saw things we missed the first time around.....George your laughing was histerical. Jim, we can't wait to see you.. Are you coming alone or with the kids?

Everyday when Dee and I work, we throw around ideas of which song we should sing on the Mariner. As it stands right now it looks like NY NY, we know the words at least...lol But you never know as the days pass the song may change.....This time we want all the Big Cats there to witness this mockery....NOT

Anne, how you are my friend? Are you gearing up for the 2nd graders???Are you having a sleep over? God help you. George, you are right thank God for Peter Piper Pizza, but Anne is the one who will need a day at the spa after this party...lol

Dawn, how is Jacob, David and Marie?

Hi Bob, Hi Sheree, we have not yet met, but I am Deck Diva (Cris) and I am proud to say I am a part of this wacky group......

I have to tell everyone that last night Arrielle called Dee for her B-day at my house and as they were speaking Dee was going on and on about her day and finally Arrielle says to Dee, "okay enough about your birthday ALREADY"......Dee was histerical laughing, this coming from a six year old....She is histerical......absolutley histerical........We love her...

Okay, thats it for me, I have to get to work.....talk to you all soon.......


Good morning all! The boss will be around until this afternoon and then hopefully he'll be gone from about 2:30 on...thank God! This work thing has got to go! I need to cruise!!

Hi Petra - glad you found us! Now direct the dogs in for a visit as well. I hear that Cruise-girl was creating chaos on the CC RCCL board yesterday...lol! I'll have to come by for a look! :)

Phizer - good to see you posting! Choice words, huh? Can't wait! Cheeky has my e-mail address! LOL! BTW Cheeky - three words...Egyptian cotton sheets! woo hoo!

Also, if any of the Big Cats are interested (I was) Sunday is Yom Kippur (another of many Jewish holidays...lucky rat bastards! JK! lol! If you want to read about it, copy and paste this: http://www.jewfaq.org/holiday4.htm for info. Looks like Cheeky & Phizer have ALOT to atone for this time around!! LMAO!! JK!! (sort of!) hee hee!

DeckDiva...I was over last nite and you forgot to mention the video!!?!! Well, I guess now I'll have to wait another couple of weeks until Baby Love comes into town! Sheesh! That story about Arrielle saying that to Dee was tooooooooooo funny! She's a trip!

Anyway, hope you all have a great Thursday...1 more day 'til the weekend! Yeahhhhh!!

Until later...Yogini :)


Deck Diva,
We have not met because I am not one of the Big Cats, more like Honky Cat,
actually I am one of Cruise @ddicts, I am just hanging around in case anybody has
any questions, and until you all get settled in. Then I am going to get the hell out while
I am still in one piece.

And I am still not too sure about this hole in the sheet stuff, but just remember, kinky is
using a feather, perverted is using the whole chicken, so only one hole in the sheet......

Have fun, that's what we're here for.


Thanks Pfizer for spelling TOCHUS! I always wondered how to spell it.!

ugh! I actually has to work today. Thats the pits.

baby love Jim

Hello Big Cats...
I have had a busy day today.. but a GOOD day.... I didn`t work today .. that was good ....... I had to take my ex-wife to the airport (this was a good thing).. I will explain... Sunday is her birthday.... and she is a netahaloic.. like me LOL ............ and she chats in yahoo .... she has met a group of people that have been talking for about 5 years... they are having a chat meet this week in Tenn. ... here is the link if ya want to see http://www.geocities.com/becky3k/PigeonForgeChatMeet.html?1044510971560
so for her birthday I gave her a round trip ticket and paid for her hotel.. Ok now is where the good part comes in. on the way to the airport I asked her if she wanted to cruise with us next Sept.. and she said she would .. so we have one more joining us :)

Deck-Diva.. I will be bringing Bobbie-Sue and Bubba with me to Orlando Sara has to work and has a boy friend LOL
I hope everyone has had a good day


Hey y'all,

You know we have a year till the next cruise when the subject at hand is holey sheets and sheep! It's going to be entertaining to say the very least.


Um, George was really good at video-ing the "baby love" incident so if you need a camera man, he is good at laughing while filming, and I'm sure the Big Cats would enjoy your sharing the moment with us all!!

Michelle, you might be on to something here. I've got two cameras and we can do different angles. Also, I do themes.....like Elvis! What do you think, Me and my beer belly stuffed into one of those tight white costumes lip sinking "burning love". Then we could bring them for show and tell on the reunion. This has got possibilities. I promise, I won't laugh.................................to loud!


Great news, can't say I have ever seen anyone have such a good relationship with their ex's as you do with yours. Are you doing two cabins? It might actually be cheaper to do that than try to squeeze in one cabin.