Weaterh Question



We will be departing Vancouver and doing the Hubbard Glacier tour on the RC Radiance of the Seas at the end of July. I was wondering just how cold does it get during this time of year. We currently live in Florida and our bodies have gotten use to the warm weather.

I contantly hear of layering but just exactly how many layers do you need? Would a sweatshirt, t-shirt and light rain jacket be suffice? Also, what kind of footwear is best?

Thanks in advance.


It can be in the 80's the end of July while cruising. It can also get down into the 60's. The weather can change fast in Alaska. You can figure you will get rain at least in Ketchikan. It will be around 10 degrees cooler near the glaciers.

Yes a sweatshirt, t-shirt and rain jacket can work for layering. As far as footwear just bring something comfortable for walking, keeping in mind it can be raining so you may want a spare pair of shoes or shoes that are water resistant.


Layering MIGHT be an issue, but light layers. We did an early June cruise and saw temps in the 70's. Coldest we had was 50's and not very often. Only time we bundled up was late in the day as we approached the glacier, with a moderate cloud cover and rain. Some people had golf type jackets on. You could easily wear long sleeve t-shirt, sweather and light jacket and brave some fairly nasty weather.