Weather Cancelled Excursions



Another question about excursions. I'm going to be in Juneau, July 3.
We want to go on a glacier trek and go whale watching. Which should we do in the morning and which in the afternoon?

I've read where some glacier treks using helicopters were cancelled because of rain. These usually seem to be excursions booked for the morning.

If Is the weather such that it rains more in the morning or afternoon? If so, would it be
a better idea to go whale watching in the morning and book a glacier trek in the afternoon, or does the weather ever clear up?


We just returned June 6th from Alaska on the Serenade of the Seas. We went whale watching in Juneau. We did see a mother and her calf, but they were only surfacing enough to see their backs and the water spray. By law, we could only stay with them for 1/2 hour. We went at 11:30. The people who went on the early excursion, around 8:00, said thay saw a mother and calf, but the calf was VERY active...rolling around, beeching, etc. The weather that day was perfect! No rain and people were swimming in the outside pool on the ship. BTW.....we did see some whales from the ship also.

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Helicoper tourrs went off without a hitch all moring in the rain and high cloud this past thursday. Comments I heard from friends and other on the tour.. "Cold on the ice, Not enough "Air time" to enjoy the sites" "Would do it again"

Whale still getting that far north.