weather/daylight hours



Travelling on Infinity, Fort Lauderdale to San Diego 2nd November.travelling from UK. What are sunrise/sunset hours in Caribbean and West Coast. Do I need to be concerned about hurricanes and rough weather.
Previously caught in hurricane coming out of Acapulco in early October 1998 on Galaxy.
Saw Constellation sail from Dover UK on 7th June en route to Norway, looked beautiful.
Any recent info on Infinity, I assume pod problems earlier this year now rectified.


Sunset: FLL it will be about 6-7p.m. Eastern Standard Time. If you are still at the dock, Starboard side would be best, however, sailing out of FLL Port side is best. Now as you head West to California you will encounter a 3 hour time change back. Example 6 pm is Florida will be 3 pm in California.
Hurricanes: I think we too were in Acapulco the year the hurricane hit the gulf of Mexico about 11/9. We had just sailed through the Panama Canal from San Juan and had great weather, but the next week was a real problem. Ships had to leave the passengers off at Aruba and fly them home from there. San Juan, St. Thomas were virtually shut down as the storm refused to move.
I have cruised a few times during that first week of November and that was the only year that I can remember serious hurricanes so late. But you never know.


I went on 'Mercury'2001 -San Diego-PortEverglades Nov/Dec the weather was fantastic all the way ,the only time we saw clouds were in Florida!!.
From S.D.down to the Canal the temperatures were late 80's-90-the sea temperature most days was 81plus!!.
Sunsets were around 5.30 to 6.00pm most days,hope you are as lucky-have a great trip and don't forget the WebCam at Miraflores Lock,if you are on the Portside you will be able to wave at all those poor folks stuck at home watching you having a great time!!and get your camera ready for the'Bridge of the Americas'not long after Miraflores.
I am booked on'Infinity'for the January South America cruise I am hoping for hot weather all the way aswell!!



You will have a great cruise. It gets dark at generally the same time all the time in the south all year so your experience in Mexico is what you will have. We were on the last cruise that the Infinity had pod problems and that was JAN 2003. It's a beautiful ship and I have seen it several times in Vancouver this Spring so it's had no more difficulties since it's last fix. Good luck.