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Hi All: Recently posted here a web site highlighting remaining cabins on a particular cruise. I've been checking posts, but can't find it. We are now thinking of upgrading from a Superior Suite to a Deluxe. I wanted to check out availability and cost before calling TA tomorrow. Does anyone have that information?




Mallie, I have been using just such a site myself.


This is the website for my travel agency, but includes the cruise booking engine which allows you to see what is still available and at what cost. Here's how to do it:

1. Click on Cruise booking engine link (on left, about half way down, under "Dynamic Deals")
2. Set the parameters for your specific cruise with the 4 pull-down menus--ie: trip region, cruise ship line, month, length of cruise. Press enter to pull up available cruises which fit your query.
3. Locate your cruise from the displayed list, and click on the link which displays the number of days (ie: 7-night, Caribbean Eastern) for your cruise (make sure you choose correct departure date!)
4. Your cruise will load, with a list of available fares. Click on "Select" next to the cabin cat. you are considering, as though you are going to make the online purchase.
5. Voila! The list of available cabins in that cat. appears, including the square footage of each. Includes a link to the deck plan to see where cabin is located on the ship.

Hope this helped!

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www.travelocity.com- Shows you up to a maximum of 11 available cabins in each category. There could be more than 11, but it gives the 11 best cabins. If it shows less than 11, then that is all that is available in that category. The whole deck plan comes up with flashing arrows on those cabins that are available, so you can see the exact location of each.