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Don't stop here in your search for finding the answers to your questions at Cruise @ddicts..maybe we can answer and we'd like to learn from you too!

We've noticed new faces here and would like to invite you to the Community Message Board. We might sound a bit crazy sometimes (my hand is up) and you may not understand some of our joking, but hang out with us and you'll soon catch on as you get to know the personality behind the name! We talk about everything decent under the sun there, not only cruising.

There are many salty sailors hanging out there who have forgotten that their wealth of information is not to be taken for granted but they've become so attached to the community that they forget to check the other forums so ask your cruise questions there too......and use the "search" link to find your topic of interest at that forum.Or....meet up with the Cruise @ddicts in the Chatroom where savvy sailors drop in and out all day! If you need help getting there, just ask....

So.....please...hit the link below to introduce yourself and explore the Community Board!