Wednesday Update on Maw


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I just got off the phone with Maw after a long conversation :sunny: The good news is she is in high spirits and doing well. She hasn't posted because she has been distracted from her computer and when she thinks of posting, the computer is back in the room and she is in the lounge...she doesn't want to bother the nurses as they are very busy with a lot of new patients. The so-so news. Maw will not be going home this weekend. It seems the boot that was given to her was not the type that the ortho Dr wants her to have. He feels this is why she is still having a lot of pain when she tries to use the foot. So, the correct boot has been ordered and a new therapy regime started. He only wants her to put 25 pounds of weight on the foot. So they have a machine to "measure" the pressure and Maw is learning how to tell how much weight she is exerting. "Maybe" she could get to go home next week sometime. She is very positive in her recovery and working hard....and is determined to go on her bucket list cruise. So, that is the update. I am keeping Maw in my prayers that this new boot will be the right fit!
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It took all this time to discover that she has "the wrong boot"!! This is the kind of thing that makes my blood boil!!!!

Glad Maw is feeling in good, I'm just a wee bit pi**ed off on her behalf!!


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It took all this time to discover that she has "the wrong boot"!! This is the kind of thing that makes my blood boil!!!!

Glad Maw is feeling in good, I'm just a wee bit pi**ed off on her behalf!!
Ditto on what Beryl said. Sending love to Maw


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Yikes! But at least now it has been corrected so she can start working on it again. With the correct boot she may get improvement faster & get out of there soon. Thanks Denise for reporting this.



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Funny how when you are ready to go home the Dr decides you must stay but when they want the bed you are out of there! I cannot believe it took them all this time and PT to notice that the boot was wrong!:hammer: Sorry but that is just ridiculous.

I am happy that Maw is in good spirits but maybe she needs to raise some ruckus to get the heck out of there and home. I hope that the new boot helps with the pain and she can go soon!



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Five weeks in the wrong boot! I'm glad Maw is in good spirits because I would be fuming; working so hard to get better & nobody knows she is in the wrong boot. Any repercussions for the guy that put the wrong boot on??


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Hmm ... Does make U wonder sometimes. :madd: I know this will make maw even MORE determined to press forward on her therapy to get out of there and ready for the Bucket Cruise. Keep that chin up maw as the DDM Day for the Bucket Cruise is right around the corner. :boogie:


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Just read this post, Denise, and thank you for sharing with us. Like others, I am fuming and in utter disbelief that it took this long to discover poor MAW was given - and wearing - the wrong boot. I pray it has caused her healing process no harm except for a delay in going home.

MAW, if you're reading this, hugs from me and tail wags from Pucci. Prayers continue.


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I too can't believe it took 5 weeks to discover that Maw is using the wrong boot & hope it did not do any harm to her healing bones. Good thoughts and prayers that the new boot & new regime will get her home in record time.


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That just makes me SICK, and as far as I'm concerned there is NO excuse for it! Sounds like too many people have messed up in too many places. Maw, keep after them and get out of there!!!!


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FIVE WEEKS! That's an awful long time to have to stay away from home, in a hospital care setting, for someone's mistake. I would take a serious look at that hospital bill, no matter who is paying for it. HUGE error, at Maw's expense. Prayers she heals up very quickly with the proper boot on.


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Like the others I am shocked and saddened that Maw has had to spend time with wrong boot. Hopefully things improve rapidly with the "right" boot and Maw can go home soon.


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Ditto to what Beryl, nieciez and Jeanie said, and I too, feel this was not a forgivable mistake,,,:( ye gads what if they had to do something lifesaving.... :hammer: hang in there Maw